Letter to The IPT

As some will know,  months ago I took a case to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal regarding Herefordshire Council’s evidenced and extensive seven-year period of monitoring this website, my social media and copying data without any authorisations, RIPA or other while issuing punitive restrictions and repeated vexatious threats of legal action for evidencing to the council neglect and issues involving my vulnerable brother and for my requesting records. The IPT case culminated with them, having made factual errors, stating I needed to appeal to the Appeal Court to apply to the High Court for the case to be heard.

I’ve now further written to the IPT. I firmly believe their lack of review of evidence and inaccurate statements in decision notice will in effect in the eyes of Herefordshire Council and its staff, permit them to continue to disregard their own policies, laws, and abuse powers in future. Potentially causing other members of the public harm as they did me, in the form of a stroke and irreversible brain injury.

The below is a copy of my recent emailed letter to the IPT yesterday.

IPT Letter 06-06-2024_Redacted