A Letter to Councillors July 2021

Yesterday, I sent the below letter to Herefordshire Council Councillors.
As you will see, I inform the councillors of the length of time I have waited since the last threat received from Herefordshire Council.
I have also invited councillors to comment on the received letter from 2020 and phone call recording from 2016, which the received letter refers to.

Dear Councillor July 2021_Redacted1


The webpage link within the above letter can also be viewed here: The Herefordshire Council Solicitor KC – 2016

Regarding honesty and solicitors, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority has an informative webpage (link below), which as you can read says ‘A finding that someone we regulate has acted dishonestly is a serious matter.
SRA Guidance – Acting with Honesty










4 Years Since A Bogus Best Interest Meeting

4 years ago, in July 2017, during a best interest meeting with Herefordshire Council staff, my brother’s psychiatrist agreed to meet with me to discuss and review medication.

Four months later, in November, after several attempts chasing up the agreements of the meeting, Martin Samuels the then director of Adults & Wellbeing, restricted & blocked communications with the council.

And during this time while I have discovered a lot more, including that the meeting was bogus, and the advocate provided to my brother later lied to a news reporter. The psychiatrist has not contacted me since.

The Torment Continues

Today it is 188 days since Herefordshire Council last threatened me with costly legal action, and still no formal notice. Continuing their torment.

It is also 474 days since I last saw my adopted brother due to the LA’s neglect of support and Priory Group deceit. Now deprived of being together for two funerals, including that of our mother, and many happier special occasions.



My Brother’s Birthday Visit 2021 – Denied

As suspected, the Priory Group wouldn’t allow my brother home on his birthday. The below, the only communication from the manager or Herefordshire Council since March 2020; other than letters to threaten, alienate and impose further restrictions to our rights.

I consider the manager implying I am not family, extremely insulting, particularly as I was the only sibling of our parents to grow up with, lived with and supported my brother at the family home since my childhood, and the manager having previously lied to me on more than one occasion.


A Quick Thank You

Thank you to everyone who read my message a few days ago & sent a birthday card to The Priory Group Head office to forward to my brother.

I don’t know if he has or will receive them, but I’m grateful for your kindness & thoughts.


My Brother’s Birthday 2021

Due to a court order, I was tricked into and would like to challenge, I’m not allowed to name my brother or say where he is ‘cared’.

His birthday is next week & he will likely be denied of coming home, as he has been many times by LA & Priory Group since placed in their ‘care’ without proper assessment and against our mother and my wishes; even denied of attending close family funerals with me, including that of our mother.

Would you please send him a Birthday card to show he’s not forgotten?
Postal address above in the picture. Thanks.


The Herefordshire Council Solicitor KC – 2016

In 2016, I contacted Herefordshire Council’s solicitor, Kate Coughtrie, by phone, after receiving a letter from the local authority threatening legal action against me, in which it claimed I was breaching my mother and brother’s human rights.
The letter was one of others that followed, containing vexatious threats, defamatory comments and punitive restrictions over the next few years, continuing their psychological abuse.

During the call, I asked KC if the letter was the official response from Herefordshire Council, including the accusation that I was breaching my mother and brother’s human rights.
KC confirmed it was the official response and that I should seek my own legal advice, as can be heard in the short audio recording of our phone conversation, below which is also available at this link detailing more, along with a transcript of the call: The council solicitor letter regarding human rights


At the time of the call, I didn’t know that KC would later, in 2020, make a dishonest written statement to a colleague about our phone conversation.

Below is a letter I received regarding a subject access request that I submitted and a particular piece of missing data, which contains KC’s false statement.
In the letter of August 2020, you can read KC was dishonest with her colleague about the phone conversation she and I had, in which she clearly stated the letter was the official response.

Coughtrie 20200825 Response_Redacted


I also include, below, my letter to KC regarding our phone conversation.

Ms Coughtrie statutory and mandatory rights and false claims_Redacted


With such concealment of facts by KC, there’s no place for doubt in my mind that there was never any intention to uphold my families rights but perniciously destroy my family through deceit & lies, and for the mere convenience of LA staff, advocacy and provider.

And five years on from this time, as Herefordshire Councils threats, lies and torment continue, I have still not had the chance to address their threats or lies in court, nor a trial, let alone a fair one for their later accusations, lies and threats made against me.
All while my mother and I continued to be denied visits home and contact until the day she died, regardless of a court order for contact.


Court Order Proven Useless

Even a court order hasn’t prevented The Priory Group & Herefordshire Council denying my brother of contact or visits home.

Birthdays, Christmas, distressingly even our mother’s funeral, all denied. Unreasonable and unjust restrictions to family and private life that have faced no consequences or legal challenge, not least by advocacy who previously assisted in concealing neglect & ill-treatment of my brother.

All while torment, punitive restrictions and threats continue to be received from Herefordshire Council.


10 Years Since Winterbourne Abuse

Ten years today (31st May 2021) since the abuse at Winterbourne was exposed.

My candle isolated like the vulnerable people, the flame obscured like the abuse was by many individuals and organisations.

And while remembering, I think of my vulnerable adopted brother, lost to Herefordshire Council & The Priory Group through their deceit and lies, covering up neglect and ill-treatment that happened to him, merely for the convenience of employees of the above and others organisations.


401 days Have Passed

Today is 401 days since Herefordshire Council, Stephen Vickers & his Priory Group equivalent David Watts, unlawfully denied my brother, for a 2nd time, of being with me for a close family member’s funeral service; that of our mother’s.
Compassion & empathy ignored by them all.

Staff of both organisations have continued to deceive and lie, including continuing to create false records for contact; as I can evidence. While there’s been no response since from either organisation or individuals, other than to threaten.