Why Did The CQC Accept The Lies of The Priory Group

Why did the Priory Group lie, and why did the CQC, who have an obligation to the vulnerable, accept the Priory Groups lies without question, leaving my vulnerable brother in pain & discomfort for many months?

The email of interest.

Below is the picture of the declared ‘small amount of debris under one nail’ and other incidents reported, and other photos including the long-running nail infection which was ignored by The Priory Group, LA and provided advocate.

These are adequate care?

Regarding the claimed £250, The Priory Group refused to provide insurance details to me for a claim for damages they caused to the computer specifically set up for my brother’s use.


CQC logs

Below is the CQC log from 2015 onward of contact regarding my brother. From my records at least 43 other records exist.

Negligence or assistance in helping the Priory Group & LA cover-up of neglect & ill-treatment of my brother over an extended time?

Complicity & commercial interests really do take priority over people for the CQC.



Piecing The Lies Together

Below is communication between a Priory Group employee SCW and a CQC inspector who I met with, JM.

The claims in the email conflicts with facts and my repeated reports of incidents of neglect of my brother’s hygiene and nail care, as can be seen in photos below; he unable to do such adequately himself.

The photos at the bottom of this post, are just a few from various dates and times under Priory Group ‘care’ taken when my brother was allowed to visit his family home, where he lived for almost four decades, and are not from just one year.

CQC 25 20170927 DISCLOSE_Redacted


SCW claims ‘A very small amount of debris’?
I categorically state such is an utter lie.

Repeated incidents assisted to be concealed by those involved, including LA and provided advocates.

In my opinion, all those involved in attempting to hide incidents I reported are a disgrace to the care sector.

As for the claimed £250 toward a new PC, The Priory Group refused my written request for them to provide insurance details regarding a claim for damage caused to the PC while in their possession. I paid for parts and repaired it myself. However it remains in Herefordshire Council possession, they refusing to return it by sending it to a chosen solicitor.

The above email communication and the erroneous claims are just one record among a litany of others.





Response from Onside Advocacy

After asking KH for full details of Onside Advocacy’s advocate’s decision, involvement and presence at a meeting to deny my brother of private & family life and of attending our mother’s with me, I received the below letter from Onside Advocacy, on 18th September 2020.

onside advocacy denial of funeral response 15-09-2020


The reply letter is a standard response from this organisation and one I have experienced before. You will note a complete and blatant disregard to address the points of my letter to KH, which can be seen in this post:
Letter to Kate Harvey of Onside Advocacy

To date, no less than three onside advocates provided to my vulnerable autistic brother have been party to the neglect and institutional abuse.

The first advocate BS ignored addressing many concerns and made false claims regarding my brother’s weight. The advocate claimed weight loss, when, in fact, my brother had increased in weight substantially, putting on over 5 stones, which I noted affected mobility and health.
When I raised a complaint about this advocate, I was visited by the chair of trustees RA, who offered a feigned apology.
I later discovered the trustee had been a senior police officer who had resigned due to an IPCC investigation; guilty of sexually harassing a female colleague and breaching the force’s code of conduct on four separate occasions.

The second advocate LE, who I met along with my solicitor, at a best interest meeting in 2017, was a person I place trust in to represent my brother without bias or prejudice. Sadly, I later discovered, in 2019, my trust was misplaced after the advocate lied to a BBC reporter who contacted them about their participation and what they said during the meeting.

As for the third advocate TC, they assisted in concealing concerns and incidents that occurred with my brother. TC a party who was, in my opinion, clearly content with destroying our family and private life, and all that I had helped my brother develop over the years.

Letter to Trevor Torrington (CEO) Priory Group

Distressingly having witnessed over extended time my vulnerable brother become a commodity of The Priory Group due to lies and concealment by particular ‘care’ staff, and his rights blatantly disregarded. I have written the below letter to Trevor Torrington (CEO of Priory Group).

Priory Group Trevor Torrington DB Denied of funeral_Redacted

While I may or may not receive a response from Mr Torrington, I will never pardon individuals in their organisation for what they have done.

Proof my letter was delivered to The Priory Group

Letter to Stephen Vickers (update)

Today (27th August) is the 22nd day since sending another letter to Mr Stephen Vickers (Director of Adults & Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council) and to local councillors for them to forward to him.
I have not received any communication from SV since regarding arrangements for the return of the computer & equipment nor the declared detailed police, nor has either been sent to the solicitor I requested. Such I firmly believe is deliberate and extended prevention of my wish of seeking legal redress for the accusations made and destruction of my family. Fortunately, I securely stored forensic images of the computer drive before it was confiscated while being returned to my brother.

Below is a redacted copy of the letter I sent to SV

Stephen Vickers PC Police Report Yet again_Redacted_Opt

It is no surprise to me why the care system is so broken, and the vulnerable and their families suffer—having experienced and identified the individuals within the care system from directors to LA lawyers, to social workers and care staff who are willing, complicit or supportive of concealing neglect, ill-treatment or wrongdoing. Some appear to have no moral or ethical issues with lying to the courts.

Letter to Stephen Vickers

Below is an image of another batch of letters I have deliver to local Herefordshire County councillors, today 10th August 2020, asking again for them to forward an enclosed letter to Stephen Vickers (Director of Adults & Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council).

In the letter, I have asked that SV cease avoiding accountability and responsibility for his and his colleague actions, inactions and libellous accusations, and to handle the return of property and the claimed detailed police report, personally and promptly. Notably, as I still wait for the declared detailed police report to be sent to my solicitor after requesting for such repeatedly from Herefordshire Council.

I did, however, receive a letter from AM, (part redacted copy below) one of three individuals I complained about and who were involved in concealing concerns and incidents I reported regarding my brother, and fabricating criminal offences against me.
Further, the detailed police report was not attached to the letter, as AM claimed.

I believe it is highly inappropriate and unprofessional for, SV, a director of adult social care who claims to specialise in law, have a colleague AM contact me the victim of their vexatious accusations and executed attempt to have me imprisoned, and which assisted in destroying my family.

However, as SV chose to wilfully ignored the concerns and incidents I reported regarding my brother and blocked communication, to avoid further knowledge, I perhaps should not have been surprised by SV’s disregard and action.

I suspect further foul play by SV, AM and colleagues, as the computer can be delivered to me but not to my solicitor without a claimed ‘possibility of damage’, and as mentioned the detailed police was missing and has not been sent to my solicitor.


Letter from Rebekah Cresswell Priory Group

A couple of days ago I received the below letter from The Priory Group.

Regarding the claim of having written to me on 12th June, I’ve received no such letter. In fact, for no less than the last 12 months, although an interested party in the health & welfare of my brother, I have been excluded from involvement and contact.
And he has been denied of visits home, even to visit our dying mother, when requested, before the pandemic started.

There is a significant amount of concern I could highlight in the letter, not least they have had seven months to prepare and adjust, four since lockdown began on 26th March 2020 and, as I can evidence, have ignored previous government guidance and legislation.

Priory Group Letter 27-07-2020_Redacted


Additionally, below is an extract from an email of 19th June 2020 informing me of coronavirus testing kits order and arriving at the Priory Group home. You’ll note it also states ‘There have been no cases suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus among residents or staff here at H House to date’. How do they know if they haven’t had kits to test with?


Letters to Councillors re SV July

Below are a few of the envelopes containing letters I will deliver on Monday 27th July 2020 to my local councillors. Inside, a copy of my original disregard letter to Stephen Vickers (Director of Adults & Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council). A copy of that letter, which was delivered on 30th June 2020 can be seen here.