Erroneous and False Fluid Restriction Records

Below are some of the record statements and phone recordings regarding my reporting of neglect & extended fluid restriction my brother endured.
All organisations, including The Priory Group, Herefordshire Council & the CQC, knew of the extended fluid restriction and heard recordings of carers but chose to create erroneous or false records.

I start with the short parts of phone call conversations I had with Priory Group carers.
I believe, having met them both, MH was later bullied out of his job by Priory Group and LA staff. However, the same didn’t happen to RO, who I later discovered lied about at least one other incident.
In both recordings, you will hear admittance the fluid restriction did not last two weeks as declared in some records, but far longer. Months, as I repeatedly stressed and reported, attempting to help my brother’s situation when I was able to see him.

Carer 1 MA


Carer 2 RO


Below are some of the conflicting records regarding the fluid restriction.
Evident the only person who kept accurate and truthful records was me.

The below is part of one of the Local Government Ombudsman’s investigator’s poorly investigated and disputed records, which was available on the LGO website.



below are two of many CQC records, which you will note state Herefordshire Council knew of the neglectful, inaccurately recorded fluid restriction and were also informed by the Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) team of such. Additionally they were aware that I had reported the none therapeutic use of medication to control behaviour yet the LA claimed concerns were unfounded.



In the below CQC record you will note it confirms safeguarding was aware of the concerns, and yet they disregarded evidence claiming the concerns I raised were unsubstantiated. Incidentally, a senior practitioner involved in the safeguarding investigation later deleted a particular file from the LA system and created inaccurate and untruthful content in DoLS records, which were never questioned by the Director of Adults and Wellbeing (Stephen Vickers) nor any other professional.



CQC record is not entirely accurate.
Paragraph 2.
I accepted the response regarding the role and powers of the CQC, however, I was not satisfied as claimed.
No mention of the other resident about which I raised concerns, which Priory Group staff were later dishonest about, helping to conceal an incident.

Paragraph 4
Most concerning, claiming concerns were not substantiated. When all parties (The Priory Group, Herefordshire Council, CQC, Onside Advocacy & Worcestershire Council) knew of the evidence.

The above a little more detail of how Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group chose to conceal incidents and continue their campaign to destroy a family.




ICO Decision To FOI Regarding Herefordshire Council Social Workers

Some months ago I submitted a freedom of information request (FOI) to Herefordshire Council asking about social workers, including those practising and using the protected title before registration (a criminal offence) and among other questions how many had been dismissed by the LA or struck off by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Below is the 11-page response from the ICO.

ICO Social Workers Signed decision noticeredacted


Concerning in the ICO decision letter, aside from the ignorance of a criminal offence by a social worker, which can be proven, is points 4(1&2) & 6 (1,2,3, 4 in particular) regarding the withheld information, such pre-existing in the public domain long before, including names of individuals. Yet Herefordshire Council declared ‘nil’ in their response to (4) without a doubt knowing some of their staff had been struck off.
Evident in my FOI, responses and annotations directing to the news articles; link below (social worker registration FOI Request).

Another concern is the LA making a false representation, giving the ICO a story regarding disciplinary action, which differs from the story they gave to the Health and Care Professions Council  (HCPC) regarding the social worker I reported.

Social Worker Registration FOI Request

While it may take some time, possibly years, for the social workers I am aware of who falsify records and deceive even the courts, destroying families and individuals lives as they go, as they have mine. I am confident that they will one day be exposed and face justice.

Solicitor Letter to Stephen Vickers Regarding My Request to Meet

A bit of a long post, but necessary.

Below is a little proof that I offered to meet Stephen Vickers Director of Adults & Wellbeing of Herefordshire Council, in 2018, on neutral ground with a solicitor to discuss long-running and recurring concerns & incidents of neglect & ill-treatment of my vulnerable brother; such taking considerable time and money to do, particularly being an unpaid carer whose short breaks were removed without notice or given reason.
We never met, but what I was not aware of was they used the delays to apply to the Court of Protection, so any meeting would have been under false pretences. SV continued to authorise and support colleagues to create erroneous DoLS, care records, and vexatiously fabricate extremely serious false and damaging accusations to conceal the truth.

SVickers Legal MeetingPWWorcestRedacted


Shortly after SV received the above letter, he extended the unreasonable behaviour policy that was imposed in November 2017, as can be read below. Punishment for challenging and providing evidence of the continuing appalling care and support of my brother by Herefordshire Council & The Priory Group.

S Vickers Hfd Council change of SPOC 01-11-2018Redacted


Regarding SV’s claim of a letter of 6th June 2018, there were two, which were not from him but colleagues. One responding to my complaint regarding accusations I had a mental health issue for undertaking a hunger strike in protest at the extended poor care & support of my vulnerable adopted brother. And SM a senior social worker concerningly recording inaccurate & untruthful DoLS information and sharing my health & care information without consent. This can be viewed in a separate post here.

While the other letter of 6th June 2018 SV refers to, which was sent via a colleague can be seen below



The only letters prior to these that I received from SV or the LA, a letter dated 25th January 2018, from Martin Samuels (former Director of Adults & Wellbeing) signed by SV. And one of 20th February 2018, which can be read below along with my reply.

However, by the time of these letters, while supporting my mother and recovering from physical ill-health, I was reluctant to meet SV without a solicitor present, as further undeniable audio/video was to be presented.
And because the LA had already concealed recurring and continuing neglect of my brother, and repeatedly disregarded our right to private and family life since no less than 2015.

To add insult to injury, the other person I was to meet with SV was JS, a person involved in the previously reported neglect, which was permitted to continue for a further two years.

S Vickers letter of 25-01-2018redacted


Reply to S Vickers letter of 25-01-2018redacted


Letter from S Vickers 20-02-2018redacted


Most concerning in the last letter from SV, the legally responsible nominated individual for adults and wellbeing, is the claim I was in regular contact with the social worker, the individual who was using the title of socialworker before registration, a criminal offence, and who while feigning concern assisted in concealing neglect evidenced in 2017.

I sometimes wonder how many other unpaid carers or family members, who have a relative in care and are an interested party in the health & welfare of that person, have punitive restrictions, monitoring, or blocks placed on communication by their local authority for reporting or evidencing neglect or ill-treatment, and just how many families have been torn apart & destroyed by people like SV and deceitful colleagues.

And while I hold hope that one day everything is exposed in a high court of law and I and my family receive justice. If I stay silent and don’t stand up to the corrupt and deceitful in my local care system, similar will likely happen to others who raise a concern or challenge wrong: and I sadly suspect it already has.

Court Order Proven Useless

Even a court order hasn’t prevented The Priory Group & Herefordshire Council denying my brother of contact or visits home.

Birthdays, Christmas, distressingly even our mother’s funeral, all denied. Unreasonable and unjust restrictions to family and private life that have faced no consequences or legal challenge, not least by advocacy who previously assisted in concealing neglect & ill-treatment of my brother.

All while torment, punitive restrictions and threats continue to be received from Herefordshire Council.


Local Government Ombudsman and Missing Case Records

In October last year, 2020, I had a look at the Local Government Ombudsman website because cases I took to them regarding Herefordshire Council were not available.


On 4th February 2021, I did the same.

What I discovered was, unlike records for other local authorities, all records before 19th February 2016 for social care regarding Herefordshire Council have disappeared, including the documents regarding my mother and brother’s cases. Fortunately, as can be seen in the below two links, I created backups for our website, long ago, and detailed some of the investigator’s failure to note the simplest of facts.


Additionally, below are links to copies of the annual review letter from the LGO to Herefordshire Council for the period 2007-2020 showing the number of cases, including social care. But why have records for approximately seven years, not just regarding social care cases before February 2016 for Herefordshire Council become unavailable since at least October 2020?

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2007

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2008

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2009

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2010

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2011

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2012

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2013

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2014

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2015

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2016

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2017

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2018

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2019

Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Letter 2020

My Mother’s Wishes For My Brother

Shortly after my mother was diagnosed with the onset of dementia, she became worried about what would happen with my vulnerable brother when she was gone.
In part because of the appalling neglect and delay of necessary dental treatment he endured 3 years earlier, which I discovered and challenged to arrange his treatment. And the sudden move of my brother out of the county, which my mother, nor I ever wanted, an adopted brother who I lived with and helped support for almost forty years.

So we created a consent letter regarding her wishes of who should represent my brother concerning health and welfare before her dementia advanced.

The letter attesting wishes was witnessed & signed simultaneously by the observer, and a copy sent to Herefordshire Council, The Priory Group and my brother’s G.P.
Shortly afterwards, Herefordshire Council refused to recognise my mother’s wishes or the recurring neglect and ill-treatment of my brother that I reported.
With support from Onside Advocacy, Herefordshire Council continued creating erroneous records regarding my vulnerable brother’s care and support and issuing vexatious and damaging threats and statements, perniciously destroying our family and contact.

Below is a redacted copy of that letter, from 2016.

Consent form for D on behalf of Mum

Restrictions to Private & Family Life Without Authority

Below is an example of Priory Group & Herefordshire Council restrictive contact for family home visits to our mother & me; after they broke promises at a meeting in September 2016.

Controlling restraints made without application to the Court of Protection; denying us of much private & family life; assisting in destroying my family and institutionalising my brother.

I later discovered the below communication to parties involved in concealing the recurring neglect and ill-treatment of my brother that I had evidenced at the meeting.
It claiming I had a mental health issue because I had registered a complaint against the staff of organisations present at the meeting.

Subsequently, I was required to undergo a mental health assessment, which concluded I had no mental disorder.
However, I would suspect others at the meeting had a psychiatric problem, not least due to their deceit and apparent lack of empathy and compassion.

Additionally, I would add, the social worker’s paranoia regarding the meeting being recorded, and irrational refusal to hold the meeting until my mobile phone was turned off and inspected by the negligent advocate provided to my brother, was of further concern.


Concerning That I Can Evidence Cover-Up

It’s incredibly concerning that I can evidence my LA with help from CQC staff, some who worked for CQC & provider simultaneously, assisted The Priory Group concealed incidents of neglect and ill-treatment of my brother.
I wonder just how many others will find similar?

I hope, one day, those responsible, from directors, managers, social workers & LA solicitor to advocates and ‘carers’ who ignored or helped cover-up are held to account and face justice.

Who Works For Who

Who works for who?

Nicky Cooper – CQC/Priory Group
Julia Morse – CQC
Stephen Coates-Williams – Priory Group

Why was Nicky Cooper directing inquiry when there was a clear conflict of interest?
The ‘Query’ was the neglect of my brother & damage to personal property.

I can prove, amongst a litany of other concerns & incidents, The Priory Group were helped by particular Herefordshire Council and CQC staff to conceal extended and recurring neglect of my brother.