Below are relevant files regarding Herefordshire Council’s surveillance and monitoring of my private life internet presence and social media communications with members of the public & organisations.

There is a litany of issues within Herefordshire Council’s trawling and collection of my data shared across various departments, including purpose and disregard of RIPA authorisation.
The below DOES NOT include care records which contain my personal health data shared in my brother’s care records by third party without my consent, nor damaging false information within DoLS records created by specific staff and authorised by Stephen Vickers.

It should be noted that while Herefordshire Council’s network was blocked from accessing this website some time ago, they continued to bypass the restrictions without lawful authority, using VPN connections to repeatedly monitor and gather data.



2. HR monitoring facebook_0008


3. HT monitoring_0014


4. Fancy investigation work_0018


5. legal advice IMG_20220512_0007_Redacted


I should mention the below is not accurately copied but appears to have been retyped by staff of Herefordshire Council

6. Twitter monitoring_0020


7. Facebook monitoring_0017


Request to Twitter support

Some of the access logs from 5th May 2020 to 18th August 2021 (471) days.
Below, a spreadsheet of Herefordshire Council visits via referrer links on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and search engines which range from Google to Bing and the German-based ecosia search engine.
Note: Herefordshire Council abandoned social care support for my family on 7th March 2020, continuing to monitor me, my social media and web presence. Using search engines, accessing and viewing.

Hereford Council IP remote access combined 2


UPDATE: To the above.
It’s apparent from checking a little deeper, that Herefordshire Council has been monitoring my social media communications & website since 2nd March 2017 and into 2023.
LA staff knowing & seeing evidence of neglect & incidents I reported raises questions. Such as why did council staff choose to conceal and why did the council later choose to lie to the Court of Protection, continuing to monitor me, my social media and web presence?

As a side note, the below is a log of three occasions Dudley Council accessed this website, a council where Martin Samuels had moved. To date Dudley Council has refused to tell me the legitimate purpose for their visits and internet searches related to this website.

Dudley MBC Accessing website1


Why was Claire Ward receiving post about me when I had no involvement with children’s services?
A legal assistant for children’s wellbeing at Herefordshire Council, who I understand left the LA after a High Court judge questioned whether children’s services at the council were fit for purpose. Claire Ward acknowledged that the judgment had identified ‘incorrect legal advice’ being given to management.



Below is another record of spying on my web presence by Herefordshire Council staff.
* False recordings are not an allegation but fact as I’ve proven in other posts.
* Data was proven to have been removed from the LGO website, as was revealed in an FOI request.
* Amanda Moorcroft is the individual who lied about property being taken while being sent to my brother
*They are correct, they cannot control my right to freedom of speech regarding my comments and the post they refer too.

1. Letter to CEO Paul Walker re Legal action Notice._Redacted


2. Letter to CEO Paul Walker re Legal action Notice- Reply 29-07-02022_Redacted


3. Herefordshire Council Letter legal action 17-08-2022_Redacted


4. Herefordshire Council Letter legal action 17-08-2022 my reply_Redacted


5. Herefordshire Council Francis Fernandes 20-09-2022_Redacted


6. Herefordshire Council Francis Fernandes 20-09-2022 - my reply_Redacted


Last visit from Herefordshire Council – 9th January 2023 Via bing search engine, regardless of their main network being blocked.

Herefordshire Council recently attempted to follow me on Twitter, when I noticed blocked them. I suspect they will try to circumvent restrictions as they have so blatantly done continually over no less than five years without legal authority.

On the 23rd of January, I wrote to Paul Walker, CEO of Herefordshire Council, and his colleague Francis Fernandez insisting that they provide copies of lawful authorisations for their extensive covert directed surveillance of my web presence and social media.

Herefordshire Council Paul Walker Francis Fernandes RIPA_Redacted


Neither Walker nor Fernandes, the council’s interim solicitor, responded with the information I insisted on having copies of.  However, it’s apparent they simply ‘passed the buck’, receiving the below specious letter from Helen Worth of Herefordshire Council who claims no authorisation process is required for surveillance, contrary to guidance, legislation and their own policies.

Herefordshire Council Response Letter RIPA etc 13-02-2023 Redacted


I’ve now written the below letter, which will be sent to Mr Walker of Herefordshire Council

Letter to Herefordshire Council Paul Walker Re Dates of Surveillance 06-03-2023_Redacted


Below is the response I received today, 30th March 2023, from the latest Head of Legal Services at Herefordshire Council, Sean O’Connor, to my request of the 13th February 2023 for full details of their legitimate reasons for visits and collecting of data from this, the oldsite website and my social media.

26 Response to Letter to Herefordshire Council Paul Walker Re Dates of Surveillance 06-03-2023_Redacted


What The Investigatory Powers Commissioner says regarding repeated viewing:
‘When social media monitoring of ‘open source’ data involves repeated viewing of an individual’s social media, authorisation is required. The Investigatory Powers Commissioner has advised that repeat viewing of a suspect’s profile on “open sources” sites may constitute directed surveillance and require a higher level of authorisation (known as RIPA* authorisation).’

Below is my response to Mr O’Connor, which was posted on 11th April 2023.

Letter to Sean O'Connor Legal Herefordshire Council 11-04-2023red_Redacted


Below is Sean O’Connor’s latest response to me regarding Herefordshire Council’s years of monitoring my web presence, websites and social media while simultaneously running a campaign of psychological abuse, threatening me with legal action and during this period wilfully deceiving the Court of Protection; which has all impacted to cause not only distress, but physical and irreversible harm.
Why Mr O’Connor is, for a declared ‘fourth’ time, insistent on continuing attempts to deceive me is, I suspect, because they had not followed lawful process nor their own policies regarding surveillance.
And importantly, why does Mr O’Connor state they don’t hold the records I requested, including logs of surveillance, when such must be kept, and previous threatening, vexatious letters I have received from Herefordshire Council have clearly quoted pieces from their held data concerning me, my social media, websites, blog and confidential letters?
I believe his letter verifies support of a complete disregard of rights, RIPA and lawful process, and is condonement of deceit and concealment of wrong.

31 Letter from Sean O'Connor Herefordshire Council RIPA 4th 12-05-2023_Redactedred


Below is my reply to Mr O’Connor. I contacted the SRA to register my concerns, shortly after posting the letter to him.

Letter from Sean O'Connor Herefordshire Council RIPA 4th 12-05-2023 Response


Below are copies of the two Herefordshire Council RIPA policies in effect at the time of Herefordshire Council’s repeated visits to this website, my social media and their data collection

RIPA_policy 1 Herefordshire Council_opt


RIPA_policy 2 Herefordshire Council_opt