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This site was originally created to raise awareness of the inadequate care and support provided to my adopted brother, a vulnerable autistic adult who has learning difficulties and limited verbal communication and to gain funding for legal action. However, as time has progressed the site is evolving to include detailing my experience, as an unpaid carer, of inadequate care and support provided by Herefordshire Council, The Priory Group and Onside Advocacy of Worcestershire.

Since leaving his family home of some 35 years and becoming institutionalised in the care system, placed in a residential care home out of County and against his family’s wishes, concerns of neglect and abuse have been poorly investigated and wilfully ignored by both the provider The Priory Group and the local authority Herefordshire Council, allowing ill-treatment to continue and recur.

As you read this site, I hope to make you aware of how some vulnerable adults, such as my brother, are poorly cared for and supported, not only by providers but also by some local authorities particularly when family members who may not have a lasting power of attorney or deputyship issued by The Court of Protection raise concerns for a vulnerable relatives health or welfare.

I initially started the blog by publishing an anonymised copy of a letter I received from The Priory Group on 20th December 2016. I believe such a biased letter and the acknowledgement and ignorance by the provider of recurring ill-treatment of a vulnerable person is a more common practice than the general public realises.
The letter displays the provider’s continuing neglect of their obligation to vulnerable adults who may not be capable of raising a concern on their own and requires support to do so.

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