Below are the threatening letters I’ve received from Herefordshire Council over the years. Much of the content, erroneous or misleading, as can be evidenced by reading other relevant posts.

The first threatening letter from Herefordshire Council for exposing neglect and inadequate care and support



UBP 1 13-11-17_Redacted


UBP 2 08-01-2018_Redacted


UBP 3 06-06-18_Redacted


UBP 4 01-11-2018_Redacted


UBP 5 13-06-2019_Redacted


UBP 6 18.12.20_Redacted


UBP 7 11-02-2021_Redacted


UBP 8 01-10-2021_Redacted


UBP 9 20-07-2023_Redacted


Letter Claire Porter Unreasonable Behaviour Herefordshire Council 09-2023