Letter to Paul Walker of Herefordshire Council

Below is a copy of my letter sent via post and emailed to Councillors asking them to forward it to Mr Paul Walker, regarding his colleague and head of legal department (Sean O’Connor) threatening, erroneous, demanding and vexatious letter to me dated 20th July 2023.

Letter to Paul Walker CEO 14-08-2023_Redacted red


To date, Herefordshire Council have said their years of monitoring of my web presence, the web site and my social media didn’t happen, later contradicting saying it did happen, admitted they had no lawful authorisation for monitoring or bypassing of network restrictions, repeatedly refused to admit to and disclose the extent of monitoring, claiming they hold no data of their activity, conflicting with irrefutable evidence both of us hold, and continue to threaten me with punitive action for requesting the details are provided to me.
A law unto themself.

Below is the redacted vexatious, threatening & demanding response I received from Herefordshire Council’s Paul via Claire Porter & Sean O’Connor, which can also be viewed at the threatening letter link: Threatening Letters

Letter Claire Porter Unreasonable Behaviour Herefordshire Council 09-2023


The above should also be read along side this post:
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