Lying and Spying and The ICO

Below are the links to two somewhat lengthy pages regarding Herefordshire Council’s years of unlawful monitoring of my web presence and social media, occurring whilst they made allegations and accusations and issued repeated vexatious threats of legal action. And a biased ICO investigation followed.
I’m sharing this info in the public interest because similar could happen to anyone battling the care system or a local council who chose to conceal wrong.
Any person may, unfortunately, be caused mental or physical harm because of the actions or inactions of council staff, as happened to me; manifested in the form of a stroke and irreversible brain injury which required several hours of urgent surgery.

There is a great deal I could write and evidence but I don’t wish to bore anyone reading this, at least not before they have had chance to read the content of the links.

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ICO Herefordshire Council Surveillance Etc.

ICO Bias Investigation Case IC-188010-V0J0

A few Seconds

The below is a few seconds of extracted audio from a phone call some time ago with my brother, who Priory Group and Herefordshire council ‘professionals’ have declared numerous times does not verbally communicate and does not express choice but repeats words due to echolalia. He does repeat the word Wednesday, but this is not mere repetition.

This audio goes some way to evidencing my brother did have understanding and was able to communicate his choices and wishes with me, which since being placed in Priory Group ‘care’ has been ignored and lied about.


The audio quality, while poor (volume increased for this post) was frequently normal for what was provided for phone calls by The Priory Group and local council, they refusing to allow me to provide him with any electronic equipment that could record or support him remotely, even suitable equipment for use with Skype was denied, disregarding his needs and our right to a private and family life, and since I exposed neglect and incidents.

It has always been apparent to me that restrictions on when my brother could come home to visit our mother and I have not been due to his characteristics regarding autism, but for the convenience of the provider and Herefordshire Council social worker staff, who with the assistance of Onside Advocacy, helped conceal neglect and incidents.
Personnel who later conspired to fabricate criminal offences against me, which ultimately contributed to causing me a stroke and brain injury.

Until forced into Priory Group ‘care’, my brother was free to come and go as he and we pleased while with a previous provider, and I was representing him until removed without notice or reason.



Damage These Individuals Caused

I’ve not written lately, recovery from brain surgery has taken longer than I would have liked, possibly due to chronic illness. So just a short post regarding the damage some ‘professionals’ are willing to cause.

Since forcing my brother to stay in Priory Group’s hands, all I’ve received from Herefordshire Council is abuse, lies & threats causing distress and irreversible harm.
And while some involved and responsible for detrimental and harmful actions & inactions have left the council, others remain.

Social workers I hold accountable for their part in destroying a family and causing me a stroke and brain injury, and who remain with Herefordshire Council.
Richard Clarke SW118334
Amanda Moorcroft SW60168
Mandy Appleby SW38480
Aisher Aziz SW1131
Stephen Mensah SW30300 (Although they left the council after it was found they were moonlighting) I nevertheless hold them liable.


Easter 2023

I didn’t attempt to arrange for my brother to visit this Easter due to past refusals by Priory Group, non-existent support from Herefordshire Council over recent years, only receiving psychological abuse and threats from them, and not knowing how well crucial brain surgery would go, days ago.
Fortunately, thanks to the skills and care of the doctor and his team and nurses, all went well and I hope to continue battling for my brother and me to the best of my abilities.

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago today, just after 11 am, my mother passed away in a cold hospital side room with me by her side.
Denied of her wish to be at home by those responsible for my mother’s care, regardless of my efforts as her legal guardian.
Herefordshire Council social services and mum’s social worker abandoned her many days before.

I will never forget or forgive those involved.

Property and Moorcroft’s Lie

It took me three years, and the involvement of a legal firm to have a computer I built for my brother’s needs and requirements returned to me, after Herefordshire Council confiscated it whilst it was being sent back to my brother via my mother’s social worker and after I repair the damage to it which happened at the Priory Group home.

A deceptive statement regarding the damage to the computer was given by David Watts (Priory Group Director of Risk & Safety) saying ‘I share the view of the staff that this happened as a result of general wear and tear’, referring to severe damage to the case of the computer and missing graphics card.
The computer also contained evidence of extended neglect of support, company use of the personal computer and printer/scanner, and the lies told by Priory Staff.

It took many requests to Herefordshire Council, Stephen Vickers, Mandy Appleby and Kate Coughtrie, solicitor, amongst them and I never received all the property requested returned, so my brother could use the computer at the family home, as he had done for many years until forced into Priory Group ‘care’. Only a PC and keyboard were returned in a sealed box.

The social worker Amanda Moorcroft, lied about Herefordshire council having all the equipment, below is her communication to Mandy Appleby regarding the computer and equipment taken.

1 Moorcroft pc webcam amanda moorcroft webcam


Below is my diary entry for the day my brother was supposed to visit but never arrived, and when my mother’s social worker took the property, them arriving and going recorded on CCTV outside the property.

3 Moorcroft pc webcam my diary_Redacted


Below is the email exchange between Kate Coughtrie, solicitor for Herefordshire Council and the legal firm I used for the return of the property. Please note the yellow comment marker; it says ‘laptop’ but should read ‘desktop’. I’ve redacted my brother’s name and legal firm used.

2 Moorcroft PC_return 0002_Redacted


In hindsight, I should never have trusted Moorcroft or my brother’s social worker, considering their refusals to allow him home for close family funerals, and their assistance in concealing neglect and evidence, I should have reported them to the police and sought legal action immediately, something I will likely regret not doing for the rest of my life.

You will likely note it also took Mandy Appleby from March 2019 to July 2020 to communicate and receive a reply from Amanda Moorcroft.

Three Years Ago Today, The Last Image

Below is my last memory and an image from the last video I made of my vulnerable adopted brother. Leaving the hospital three years ago today after a brief unplanned visit to our dying mother and me, the only one he was allowed to make. His mother never saw him again, despite my trying to arrange a visit; his social workers and my mother’s abandoned them both on this day.

I’ve blurred my brother’s face because of his deceitful social workers & Herefordshire Council’s repeated threats of legal action against me for breach of my brother’s human rights if I publish any photos of him, this since I exposed and evidenced neglect & ill-treatment by providing audio/video evidence to them and other organisations, such as the provided advocacy service who chose to help conceal.

I’ve not seen my brother since this day due to Herefordshire Council’s abandonment and punitive restrictions regarding communication, and the Priory Group’s continued lies and refusal to allow him to visit when requested.

June 2020 Letter From Rebekah Cresswell

27th July 2020, the last communication from Rebekah Cresswell of  The Priory Group, not a single letter or email since, and no apology for unlawfully preventing my brother from attending our mother’s funeral.

* No visiting support plan
* No best interest meeting
* No communication since

Rebekah Cresswell Priory Group Letter 27-07-2020_Redacted


Cresswell might as well have sent a blank piece of paper to me. While Coates is someone I’ve had to endure listening to about my brother in a meeting, which I recorded.


Two Years Ago Today

I published the above two years ago today. I’ve still had no answers to questions asked of Herefordshire Council nor The Priory Group.
Yet Herefordshire Council continued their campaign of harassment, legal threats and spying on my social media and web presence.

I firmly believe their extended campaign of psychological abuse, deceiving & misleading the Court of Protection to alienate my adopted brother from his family was the cause of my stroke and declining health.

Herefordshire Council Monitoring of Social Media Without Authority – Continued

While I am feeling quite unwell today but more able to write, a quick post.
Today Herefordshire Council followed me on Twitter.
I never block anyone, except for scammers, but I make an exception for Herefordshire Council due to their deceit, discrimination harassment, harm and threats over the years.
Notable as they have been surveilling this website, others and my social media for no less than five years without legal authority, which in turn indicates they knew full well that they were reprehensibly fabricating damaging records and lied to the courts in the past to keep my adopted brother in Priory Group ‘care’.

I am also aware LA staff continue to visit & monitor this website regardless of being blocked, 9.19 am on the 9th of January 2023, the last time I checked.
Additionally, they blatantly ignored RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act).