A Long Walk


On 7th March 2020, as I walked my brother from the hospital ward our mother was in, to the exit, after an unexpected 10-min visit by him, I recall I said we might not see you for a long time, but don’t worry mum will be alright and we will see you when mum comes home. I imagining a couple of months, giving our mother time to recover.

I never imagined, three weeks later, our mother would die in the hospital and it would be over 2 yrs since I saw my brother, due to requests for him to come home being refused.

To this day, my brother still doesn’t know our mother has passed away and I’m finding it harder to tell him, when I eventual do see him, because The Priory Group refused him of coming home to attend the funeral with me, minutes before the service via email.
While Herefordshire Council left attempt to contact me until the last minute, only leaving two messages on an answering machine, which were picked up on my return home.
They both knowing full well of details days in advance. Their refusal conflicted with government guidance at the time and specific legislation, as I previously evidenced in posts.

Evidence of Falsified DoLS Content

The below is a letter I received from the CEO of Onside advocacy Worcester, Kate Harvey, which provides evidence my brother’s SW fabricated allegations about me in DoLS forms authorised by a former director of adult social care, Stephen Vickers.


Onside Advocacy SAR Reply 23-10-2018_Redacted


The falsified DoLS helped defame me & destroy my family for their convenience.
To this day I’ve never received a copy of the alleged corrected DoLS.


Missing DATA and A Letter To Councillors

Asking local councillors to simply let me know they have passed a letter on appears to have been a waste of time, with some asking for advice on how they should respond. So knowing this, I’ve written to Herefordshire Council asking for the following, which I should have spellchecked but was exhausted and didn’t.

Request for missing data 13-04-2022_Redacted


Below is the letter I received from Herefordshire Council regarding the above request.

Request for missing data 13-04-2022 reply

Easter 2022

This year I didn’t request that my brother visit me for Easter, as I have moved and Herefordshire Council social care staff previously denied him of coming home on a particular occasion to visit me and our mother stating he is not permitted to visit or be collected from an unfamiliar location.
I also suspect, considering past refusals, such as for birthdays, Christmas and our mother’s funeral service the provider would also have made a spurious reason for not allowing him to visit.
It’s the first time I’ve not bought him an Easter egg in 4 decades, which feels odd.

The last time I saw or had contact with my brother was 772 days ago, as of writing this, regardless of trying before eventually & reluctantly giving up; partly as I feel scared of telling him, after an extended separation and the constant abuse from Herefordshire Council, that our mum died in hospital in 2020.

One day, I hope to see him again and will break the sad news, but I remain waiting for Herefordshire Council’s declared and repeatedly proposed legal action against me.
A local council whose staff and provider employees alike previously misled and deceived the Court of Protection and were supported to do so.


Why Do They Continually & Repeatedly Lie?

Below is a short email chain starting with my email regarding a letter I asked councillors to pass on to Stephen Vickers (director for adults & wellbeing). AM replying to MA saying they ‘never had the other items’, implying I lied about items their social worker colleague took with them from our home.


Below is a redacted copy of my diary entry for the day a social worker took the PC I built & repaired for my brother after it was damaged at ‘care’ home and The Priory Group ignored my request to provide insurance details for a claim against them for damages. My brother was also meant to be coming to visit me and our mother that day; he never arrived.



Will they attempt to deceive or lie further, I wait to see.


Herefordshire Council Monitoring Posts


Below is another of Herefordshire Councils’ internal emails between employees regarding their monitoring and surveillance of me, this communication concerning my comments in the local newspaper the Hereford Times.
I would like sight of the authorisation for their surveillance which has continued for a considerable time whilst they issued multiple vexatious letters threatening legal action since 2017.

hfd council monitoring 35






Two Years Today Mum Passed Away

Two years ago on this day and almost to the hour, I was sitting next to my mother’s hospital bed holding her hand as she lay her mouth open trying to draw air, less than an hour later she would pass away.

I had sat by her side trying to help her recover for 19 days, only leaving to go home for some brief sleep and to check and feed the cats, while a friend checked them at other times before I returned to sit with her.

Eventually, after initial recovery and receiving fast-tracked CHC funding she was denied of going to the local hospice or home as she wanted. A care company assessed her on the ward and the next day decided they would not provide support, CHC funding was then removed without given reason and her health declined.

I spent the last days in the hospital with her, sleeping in a chair when I couldn’t stay awake any longer, and only going home for a few minutes.

The hour before she died I said to my mother ‘I’m just going to feed the cats, I’ll be back in a minute, someone’s coming to sit with you.’ Whether she heard me I don’t know, but I would like to think she did and it comforted her.

I left the side room and asked a nurse to sit with my mother so she was not alone, while I went home for a few minutes to check and feed our cats, as usual.

The pandemic lockdown was yet to start, but I recall traffic was light and the journey home was quick.

As I finished putting the cats some treats with their food, my phone rang. It was the nurse who had kindly said they would sit with my mother while I was away. The nurse said ‘you need to come back, your mum is going.’

I rushed out of the house and was back at the hospital in minutes, making my way to the ward as fast as I could.
I reach the side room where my mother was and opened the door to find my mother alone, and as I looked at her I thought I saw her chest move as if exhaling.
I quickly held my mother’s hand and said ‘mum I’m back’ but notice she had stopped breathing and within seconds her hand was getting colder; mum was gone.

Mum was pronounced dead at 11.05 am, and a part of me died with her that day, I having failed to ensure her wish to pass away peacefully at home was upheld.
And significantly distressing, so far failing to uphold her long desire for me to ensure my vulnerable adopted brother is adequately cared for and supported.

Thanks for your email. Yes, this is already on our radar!


Earlier today I received some heavily redacted records from Herefordshire Council, among the records some of my social media posts and an internal Herefordshire Council email stating ‘Thanks for your email. Yes, this is already on our radar!, with an attached screenshot of my comment in the local newspaper from January 2022 taken using an Apple device, which can be seen in the below communication.


Not only surveilling my social media & website while harassing me with vexatious threats & restrictions for years but also spying on my comment on the local newspaper, the Hereford Times.
And yet, with surveillance continuing and months passing since I made a request to councillors to pursue the LAs regarding notice being served for proposed legal action against me, I’ve not received it.



Below are three pages, as received, of Herefordshire councils cherry-picked social media posts from my Twitter social media dating back to 2020.


Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today (7th March 2020) my mother was recovering in hospital after a severe stroke, it was the last time I saw or had brief contact with my vulnerable adopted brother, Herefordshire Council and Priory Group maintaining their unwarranted restriction. Just over two weeks later, our mother would die in the hospital after initially appearing to recover.

The day my brother arrived at the hospital was unannounced after a request via email was ignored. Our mother had, fortunately, recovered a little at the time, and although exhausted was able to smile while briefly seeing her adopted son for a few minutes before signalling and quietly asking me for him to come another day, she falling asleep once again.

Furthermore, even though the pandemic was starting to become a concern, but not yet having official restrictions imposed, medical staff on the ward said I could continue to bring my brother to the ward to visit our mother because of our circumstances.

I never saw, or had contact with my brother again regardless of efforts trying to arrange for him to visit, nor, at least have contact via Skype while I was living in the hospital by my mother’s bedside. Herefordshire Council and Priory Group staff denying him of contact and lying about such.
Then just over two weeks later our mother distressingly passed away one morning after taking a sudden turn for the worst a few days before.

Additionally, to add insult to injury, my brother, as stated in other posts, was denied of attending our mother’s funeral with me, conflicting with government guidance at the time and particular legislation.

I live with the guilt of being powerless to have helped my brother maintain contact and visit our mother one last time. A court order contact schedule appearing to be worth no more than the paper it was written on.

Letter to Herefordshire Council Councillors

Below is my recent letter to councillors, which was delivered today.
After years of vexatious threats, deceit, punitive restrictions & concealing incidents of inadequate care, I request councillors assist in pursuing Herefordshire Council to provide notice of legal action against me for their accusations relating to alleged defamation.

Letter to councillors 14-01-2022_Redacted


Below, proof of delivery for the above letter.


The threatening & vexatious letter of 1st October 2021 which I refer to in my letter to councillors can be read, along with others, at this link

Threatening Letters