Letter from Sean O’Connor and My Response

I’ve got behind with the blog over recent weeks. But as Herefordshire Council continue their campaign of psychological abuse, punitive restrictions, harassment and deceit, I continue the blog.
Below is the most recent letter from Herefordshire Council’s solicitor, Sean O’Connor, and my response.
O’Connor, refusing to provide a copy of what must be a newly acquired court order to me, which the council must obtain for their declared monitoring, while attempting to gaslight me.

I start by posting my letter of the 4th of December 2023 to councillors, which Mr O’Connor refers to.

follow up to councillors re behaviour legal action Owens 2nd 01-12-2023_Redacted


The below is what I received from Sean O’Connor in response.

Hfd Council Sean OConnor 18-12-2023_Redacted


My response (below), while it could be longer going more in-depth about health, timeline, inactions and concealment by Herefordshire Council staff, it took considerable time to draft and check I have tried to keep it as short as I could.

Reply to hfd Council Sean O'Connor letter 25 December 2023_Redacted


I will inform the SRA and send copies to councillors for them to forward to Mr O’Connor.
And I still expect to receive the previous evidence I have asked for and a copy of the court order permitting continued monitoring of my website and social media.

The package of 53 copies of letter to Mr O’Connor which I had delivered to Herefordshire Council  today.

Because I suspect Mr O’Connor will not be completely honest or accurate regarding the letters in the package, I include copies of the cover letters (including two individual ones for specfic councillors) below.

Councillor Lester
follow up to councillrs re behaviour legal action Lester 3rd 19-12-2023_Redacted


Councillor Owens
follow up to councillrs re behaviour legal action Owens 3rd 19-12-2023_Redacted


All other councillors
Hfd Councillors cover letter to forward 28-12-2023_Redacted