Priory Group Unlawful Login Attempts On This Site

In March 2018, someone attempted to unlawfully gain access to this website. The IP address of the attempt geo-located to this building, which it appears is now Elysium or Greater Manchester MH NHS Foundation Trust. Braeburn House which I believe was formerly Charles House.
The names David & Mike were only known to me, Herefordshire Council and Priory Group staff such as David Watts their Director of Risk & Safety.



Skype and Contact Lies

Below is a segment of a conversation (voices disguised) between me and a Priory Group manager regarding contact & Skype in 2020, as a little proof they lied, disregarded a court order and continued to do so, as I have previously evidenced.

By this time it was over a year since Herefordshire Council deceived the Court of Protection and abandoned their support for my brother regarding contact with our mother and me, and continued to send me vexatious threatening letters proposing legal action which I accepted in writing many times and they eventually responded with retraction.
It was also three years since the LA restricted and blocked email communication after I raised concerns and reported neglect of my brother and negligence of staff.


Another Birthday Missed

It was my birthday last week. I didn’t see my brother or hear from him via Skype or The Priory Group ‘care’ home.
So much for the court orders, human rights and support of my brother.

Disregarding support for my brother to maintain contact with his family who he lived with for almost four decades, until forced into the care system by Herefordshire Council, likely a continuation of punishment for my exposing neglect under their ‘care’.

Perhaps if the Court of Protection judge had given me the opportunity to speak and submit evidence, matters would have been very different and my family not destroyed.


My Response To the Head of Legal Services

Below is my response to the current interim Head of Legal Services at Herefordshire Council regarding their discompassionate and unapologetic letter to me regarding their withdrawal of legal action against me and the wrongdoing of his colleagues, which I sent to him today.
My reply may be viewed as critical, but that’s a matter of reader opinion and their knowledge of what has happened to date.

Herefordshire Council Francis Fernandes 20-09-2022 - Reply to redacted



Another Letter From the Head of Legal Services

Below is the latest unapologetic letter I received from Herefordshire Council’s Head of Legal Services.

Herefordshire Council Francis Fernandes 20-09-2022-redacted


Regarding Mr Fernandes’ statement, ‘I am new to the Council and have limited personal knowledge of past issues affecting you’, which conflicts somewhat with his previous letter to me.
Further, it’s also not my ‘perspective’ of the ‘actions of the council or individual officers’, but one of experience and their contempt of court which destroyed my family.  In doing so, Herefordshire Council as an organisation supporting neglectful and inadequate ‘care’ of my vulnerable adopted brother and deceitful social worker staff; one of whom I understand was promoted after assisting the provider to conceal.

His request to ‘draw a line under this matter.’ Herefordshire Council’s distressing campaign of harassment, intimidation, punishment and multiple propositions of legal action against me, since his colleagues willfully chose to conceal neglect and other recurring incidents and misled and deceive the Court of Protection. All while monitoring my personal life, social media and this site, before, during and after.

And as the current paid Head of Legal Services. I hold Mr Fernandes fully accountable for his, his colleagues and the local authorities’ actions and inactions.
While he desires to turn a blind eye, I do not draw a line under abuses and unlawfulness by the LA or his former and current colleagues but continue to keep record.

929 Days

Nine hundred & twenty-nine days since I last saw or had contact with my vulnerable adopted brother. And much longer since Herefordshire Council abandoned support after they chose to lie to the Court of Protection.
He still doesn’t know our mother passed away in March 2020, thanks to Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group denying him of coming home for her funeral service. Both organisations completely cutting him off from his family and family life.

Herefordshire Council Surveillance Update

It’s apparent from checking a little deeper that Herefordshire Council has been monitoring my social media communications & website since at least 2nd March 2017, using search engines to access and view this website, newspaper comments and social media.

They knowing & seeing audio/video & photographic evidence of neglect & incidents I reported raise questions. Including why did LA staff choose to conceal for themselves & The Priory Group, again? And why did the LA later choose to lie to the Court of Protection?
Herefordshire council continuing to monitor me, my social media and web presence. Issuing vexatious threats of legal action while doing so, which they declined to progress when I accepted their proposal.

It also indicates to me that individuals from the top-down, such as the former CEO Alistair Neill, directors & legal staff, were fully aware when they chose to impose their unreasonable behaviour policy on me for raising and exposing concerns & incidents with them, contrary to their comments.

Below is a log of Herefordshire Council visits to this site.
Their search requests via search engines and their visits to my social media linking to this site from LA remote VPN IP addresses. Their main local network access blocked.

This spreadsheet also indicates the data protection officer attempted to deceive me regarding a request for data concerning the LA staff’s monitoring & surveillance. They neglecting to provide such information when I requested it from them.

Hereford Council IP remote access combined2


Herefordshire Council Children’s Services Legal Assistant

Why was Claire Ward a legal assistant for children’s services at Herefordshire Council receiving post about me when I had no involvement with children’s services?

Claire Ward left the LA later, and after a High Court judge questioned whether children’s services at the council were fit for purpose. Ward acknowledged that the judgment had identified ‘incorrect legal advice’ being given to management.

high court judge questions whether children’s services at council are fit for purpose

Herefordshire Council Legal Action Response Letter

Below is the letter I received on 19th August 2022 after requesting many times that Herefordshire Council serve notice of their proposed legal action against me.

The letter from a second interim head of legal services is feeble and doesn’t provide detailed reason for the decision to now not take legal action against me after years of threats and proposals of such, other than the passage of time, it being ten months since their last vexatious threat and plan of legal action, which I accepted in writing, many times.
Nor does it provide any apology for their years of harassment and lies by LA staff, including to the Court of Protection, and psychological abuse, which resulted in my brother being lost to The Priory Group.

Herefordshire Council Letter legal action 17-08-2022_Redacted


I suspect it’s now for me to find a legal firm willing to take a case for me and my brother against Herefordshire Council for harassment, discrimination, lying to the courts previously and the significant harm it has caused.