Requested a family home visit Christmas 2019

On Sat, 21st Dec 2019, I sent an email to The Priory Group and their ‘care’ home manager to arrange for a scheduled family home visit for my brother, as per the agreed contact schedule imposed on us. And as our mother and me will not be seeing him for Christmas; denied of this important time together, for the first time in 42 years.

My sent email can be seen below, along with the only response I received; an automated vacation reply. Data suggests my emails are once again being blocked to some Priory Group addresses.

I am doubtful that my request will receive any further response, ignored yet again, as they have so often been so many times over the past five years.

I will write an update in a day or so, whether or not I receive any further response or manage to get my brother home for a short time and an early Christmas with us.

My sent email 21122019s

Gmail - 21122019s_Redacted


Received email 21122019r

Gmail - 211220191041r_Redacted




Christmas 2019

This year, and for the first time in 42 years, my vulnerable adopted brother won’t be home to spend Christmas with my mother and me, he will spend it in a Priory Group ‘care’ home we did not want him to go to, and where I have repeatedly raised concerns.

With communication, a constrained one-way channel with my local authority since their block on such started in 2017, and I remaining denied of being my brother’s representative for almost a decade, I have no route to challenge or appeal our contact.

However, I hope to see him on Monday 23rd for a couple of hours, and cook him a Christmas dinner; but will have no photo/video record for my mother’s memories.

While I’ve witnessed my adopted sibling become de-skilled and regressed in ‘care’ with the negligence of ‘professionals’ who worked to conceal what has occurred. I hope others out there who have a loved one forced into the care system have their situation improved in the coming new year.

And while I feel aggrieved and dispirited at losing my sibling to an institutional care system, at least I can ensure our mother enjoys Christmas this year and is cared for properly.

And to those who know of my continuing care battles, I wish you a HaPpY ChRiStMaS.

Please keep signing and share my petition to parliament regarding CCTV in all care homes where vulnerable people live. Thank you.

Freedom of Information Request – Social Workers

Some weeks ago I submitted a freedom of information request regarding social workers employed by Herefordshire Council, having discovered via a check with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) the one assigned to my vulnerable brother was practising and using the title of social worker before being registered with the HCPC.

Not only did Herefordshire Council claim to not know of this and later say they were employed in another role while using the title of social worker, but they also stated in a freedom of information request the number of social workers struck off by the HCPC was ‘Nil‘, a complete untruth as can be seen in my FOI request and annotations:

Freedom of Information Request comment-88847

I also later asked how many social workers had been reported or struck off by the HCPC between 2013 and 2019, the response and some of the information I requested can be seen in the below link, Please note the response to Q.2 of my request by The HCPC and my annotations:

Freedom of Information Request HCPC Social Workers Struck off Response 1437722