Requested a family home visit Christmas 2019

On Sat, 21st Dec 2019, I sent an email to The Priory Group and their ‘care’ home manager to arrange for a scheduled family home visit for my brother, as per the agreed contact schedule imposed on us. And as our mother and me will not be seeing him for Christmas; denied of this important time together, for the first time in 42 years.

My sent email can be seen below, along with the only response I received; an automated vacation reply. Data suggests my emails are once again being blocked to some Priory Group addresses.

I am doubtful that my request will receive any further response, ignored yet again, as they have so often been so many times over the past five years.

I will write an update in a day or so, whether or not I receive any further response or manage to get my brother home for a short time and an early Christmas with us.

My sent email 21122019s

Gmail - 21122019s_Redacted


Received email 21122019r

Gmail - 211220191041r_Redacted