Why Did The CQC Accept The Lies of The Priory Group

Why did the Priory Group lie, and why did the CQC, who have an obligation to the vulnerable, accept the Priory Groups lies without question, leaving my vulnerable brother in pain & discomfort for many months?

The email of interest.

Below is the picture of the declared ‘small amount of debris under one nail’ and other incidents reported, and other photos including the long-running nail infection which was ignored by The Priory Group, LA and provided advocate.

These are adequate care?

Regarding the claimed £250, The Priory Group refused to provide insurance details to me for a claim for damages they caused to the computer specifically set up for my brother’s use.


CQC logs

Below is the CQC log from 2015 onward of contact regarding my brother. From my records at least 43 other records exist.

Negligence or assistance in helping the Priory Group & LA cover-up of neglect & ill-treatment of my brother over an extended time?

Complicity & commercial interests really do take priority over people for the CQC.