10 Years Since Winterbourne Abuse

Ten years today (31st May 2021) since the abuse at Winterbourne was exposed.

My candle isolated like the vulnerable people, the flame obscured like the abuse was by many individuals and organisations.

And while remembering, I think of my vulnerable adopted brother, lost to Herefordshire Council & The Priory Group through their deceit and lies, covering up neglect and ill-treatment that happened to him, merely for the convenience of employees of the above and others organisations.


401 days Have Passed

Today is 401 days since Herefordshire Council, Stephen Vickers & his Priory Group equivalent David Watts, unlawfully denied my brother, for a 2nd time, of being with me for a close family member’s funeral service; that of our mother’s.
Compassion & empathy ignored by them all.

Staff of both organisations have continued to deceive and lie, including continuing to create false records for contact; as I can evidence. While there’s been no response since from either organisation or individuals, other than to threaten.


148 Days Since Herefordshire Council’s Latest Threat

148 days have passed since the latest threat from Herefordshire Council, without formal notice of their legal action.
As such, I have just submitted my letter of request to the courts asking for permission to pursue action against them and the company that helped them deceive, lie and destroying a family.