The Torment Continues

Today it is 188 days since Herefordshire Council last threatened me with costly legal action, and still no formal notice. Continuing their torment.

It is also 474 days since I last saw my adopted brother due to the LA’s neglect of support and Priory Group deceit. Now deprived of being together for two funerals, including that of our mother, and many happier special occasions.



My Brother’s Birthday Visit 2021 – Denied

As suspected, the Priory Group wouldn’t allow my brother home on his birthday. The below, the only communication from the manager or Herefordshire Council since March 2020; other than letters to threaten, alienate and impose further restrictions to our rights.

I consider the manager implying I am not family, extremely insulting, particularly as I was the only sibling of our parents to grow up with, lived with and supported my brother at the family home since my childhood, and the manager having previously lied to me on more than one occasion.


A Quick Thank You

Thank you to everyone who read my message a few days ago & sent a birthday card to The Priory Group Head office to forward to my brother.

I don’t know if he has or will receive them, but I’m grateful for your kindness & thoughts.


My Brother’s Birthday 2021

Due to a court order, I was tricked into and would like to challenge, I’m not allowed to name my brother or say where he is ‘cared’.

His birthday is next week & he will likely be denied of coming home, as he has been many times by LA & Priory Group since placed in their ‘care’ without proper assessment and against our mother and my wishes; even denied of attending close family funerals with me, including that of our mother.

Would you please send him a Birthday card to show he’s not forgotten?
Postal address above in the picture. Thanks.