Missing DATA and A Letter To Councillors

Asking local councillors to simply let me know they have passed a letter on appears to have been a waste of time, with some asking for advice on how they should respond. So knowing this, I’ve written to Herefordshire Council asking for the following, which I should have spellchecked but was exhausted and didn’t.

Request for missing data 13-04-2022_Redacted


Below is the letter I received from Herefordshire Council regarding the above request.

Request for missing data 13-04-2022 reply

Easter 2022

This year I didn’t request that my brother visit me for Easter, as I have moved and Herefordshire Council social care staff previously denied him of coming home on a particular occasion to visit me and our mother stating he is not permitted to visit or be collected from an unfamiliar location.
I also suspect, considering past refusals, such as for birthdays, Christmas and our mother’s funeral service the provider would also have made a spurious reason for not allowing him to visit.
It’s the first time I’ve not bought him an Easter egg in 4 decades, which feels odd.

The last time I saw or had contact with my brother was 772 days ago, as of writing this, regardless of trying before eventually & reluctantly giving up; partly as I feel scared of telling him, after an extended separation and the constant abuse from Herefordshire Council, that our mum died in hospital in 2020.

One day, I hope to see him again and will break the sad news, but I remain waiting for Herefordshire Council’s declared and repeatedly proposed legal action against me.
A local council whose staff and provider employees alike previously misled and deceived the Court of Protection and were supported to do so.


Why Do They Continually & Repeatedly Lie?

Below is a short email chain starting with my email regarding a letter I asked councillors to pass on to Stephen Vickers (director for adults & wellbeing). AM replying to MA saying they ‘never had the other items’, implying I lied about items their social worker colleague took with them from our home.


Below is a redacted copy of my diary entry for the day a social worker took the PC I built & repaired for my brother after it was damaged at ‘care’ home and The Priory Group ignored my request to provide insurance details for a claim against them for damages. My brother was also meant to be coming to visit me and our mother that day; he never arrived.



Will they attempt to deceive or lie further, I wait to see.