Update on Herefordshire Council Latest Proposed Legal Action

Herefordshire Council has not served notice of their proposed legal action against me by the deadline I requested; which was 299 days as of yesterday, 26th July 2022.
Nor have they had the courtesy to inform me why they haven’t; having asked for a response, and since writing to Paul Walker the current CEO.
Their many threats false & malicious harassment.


11 Years

It’s approaching 11 years since my vulnerable adopted brother went for respite, never to return home.
Herefordshire Council going on to move him from place to place until out of county against our mother’s wishes, where LA staff later concealed neglect, mislead & deceive regarding his care and support, and where a court order remains repeatedly disregarded by Herefordshire Council & Priory Group.

Priory group & Deleted Video Footage

The below is what should have happened according to the CQC vs what The Priory Group does when recorded evidence is discovered; as I proved.
People in their ‘care’ & their families should be aware of this practice.


In this case, Herefordshire Council social service staff knew of the concerning deleted footage, yet decided to turn a blind eye and later fabricate record.