Herefordshire Council Legal Action Response Letter

Below is the letter I received on 19th August 2022 after requesting many times that Herefordshire Council serve notice of their proposed legal action against me.

The letter from a second interim head of legal services is feeble and doesn’t provide detailed reason for the decision to now not take legal action against me after years of threats and proposals of such, other than the passage of time, it being ten months since their last vexatious threat and plan of legal action, which I accepted in writing, many times.
Nor does it provide any apology for their years of harassment and lies by LA staff, including to the Court of Protection, and psychological abuse, which resulted in my brother being lost to The Priory Group.

Herefordshire Council Letter legal action 17-08-2022_Redacted


I suspect it’s now for me to find a legal firm willing to take a case for me and my brother against Herefordshire Council for harassment, discrimination, lying to the courts previously and the significant harm it has caused.

Response From Herefordshire Council Regarding Legal Action

Below is the brief response I received from the current CEO of Herefordshire Council regarding their proposed legal action against me, which I accepted some weeks ago.
Their scant response and claim of ‘look into concerns’ ignoring my request to serve notice of their legal action, an avoidable delay causing further unwarranted stress.

Paul Walker Letter 29-08-022 re legal action reply_Redacted


below is a reminder of the letter to which Herefordhsire Council has responded to.



I lost my vulnerable brother to The Priory Group, family, and any future career and prospects I had because of years of Herefordshire Council staff choosing to lie, deceive and fabricate records, including those submitted to the Court of Protection. Concerningly I suspect they will carry on doing similar to others until too many come forward with similar experiences to tell of.


What Herefordshire Council Has Done Over The Years

While not a complete list, since I exposed neglect and ill-treatment of my vulnerable brother under the ‘care’ of Herefordshire Council they have to date:

      • Concealed neglect and incidents involving my brother
      • Misled & deceived the Court of Protection
      • Purposely slandered me
      • Attempted and failed to fabricate criminal offences against me under the Serious Crime Act & Computer Misuse Act
      • Denied my brother from attending our mother’s funeral
      • Denied my brother from attending the funeral of one of our foster brothers
      • Actively spied on my private life & social media without legal authority
      • Created false & erroneous records
      • Failed to return personal property
      • Submitted false records to the Court of Protection
      • Ignored my council tax appeal
      • Deceived councillors
      • Lied to colleagues & other organisations
      • Issued multiple vexatious letters of threats and proposals of legal action 
      • Denied my brother from visiting his mother and I
      • lied to me while repeatedly attempting to intimidate me
      • Imposed restrictions & blocks on communication
      • Refused to address recurring incidents involving my brother
      • Allowed a social worker to use the protected title before registration and lied about his role to the HCPC
      • Destroyed my family
      • Declared proposed legal action against me for defamation yet have ignored my request to serve notice, for over 300 days


    • Such done and supported to be through a succession of directors, social care & legal staff.