Their Silence is Deafening

No support from Herefordshire Council, only vexatious threats, deceit or ignorance. And complete disregard by The Priory Group over the past years.  The previous refusal to drop him off at an ‘unfamiliar place’ would likely be used again by social workers, now I have moved house.
So I’m wrapping it up and putting this little gift (below) in the box of other birthday and Christmas presents my brother is still yet to have because of the lack of visits and contact from the Priory Group ‘care’ home; in the hope that one day I get to see him.

Happy birthday little brother.

I suspect both organisations will continue to fabricate records and continue to punish with their alienation and lies.


Lying and Spying and The ICO

Below are the links to two somewhat lengthy pages regarding Herefordshire Council’s years of unlawful monitoring of my web presence and social media, occurring whilst they made allegations and accusations and issued repeated vexatious threats of legal action. And a biased ICO investigation followed.
I’m sharing this info in the public interest because similar could happen to anyone battling the care system or a local council who chose to conceal wrong.
Any person may, unfortunately, be caused mental or physical harm because of the actions or inactions of council staff, as happened to me; manifested in the form of a stroke and irreversible brain injury which required several hours of urgent surgery.

There is a great deal I could write and evidence but I don’t wish to bore anyone reading this, at least not before they have had chance to read the content of the links.

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ICO Herefordshire Council Surveillance Etc.

ICO Bias Investigation Case IC-188010-V0J0