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An important, though lengthy post.

It’s taken me a long time and repeated efforts, but I managed to find and recover a particular phone recording from a failed drive, and some documents. 

The phone recording took place in May 2018, months after Herefordshire Council and the social worker RC promised they would be moving my brother closer to home and family, and important for a separate reason which will also become apparent later.

The below is just part of a recording that lasts approx. 15 minutes 8 seconds, attempting to have a social worker RC view evidence and protect my brother.

The call concerns a mobile phone the social worker RC gave to my brother some months earlier for his sole use to remain in contact with family and for safety, from which I later recovered concerning files regarding my brother’s ‘care and support’.

The device contained concerning recordings, deleted, I suspect from memory, by Priory Group or council staff when personnel discovered they had recorded themselves admitting to evidence, after confiscating the phone, unlocking and accessing it, recording themselves without consent and deleting files. 


Regarding deleting recordings, some CQC guidance states what staff can and can’t do, guidance which both Herefordshire Council and Priory Group staff ignored.
Ref: CQC guidance – Surveillance equipment placed by people in your care or their relatives

RC knew the device could record audio/video and was one of only two people who knew the unlock code. RC was the person who took the device to my brother so he could remain in contact with family, for his safety to evidence incidents and how my brother was being ‘cared for and supported’. Similarly RC had viewed log files at our family home regarding my brother’s computer and false claims of support and his use of said computer at the Priory Group home. 

Initially, I had trust in the social worker RC to be honest and protect my brother, though this faith was sadly lost when RC began to conceal inadequate care of my brother under Their care, broke promises of moving my brother and later attempt to frame-me for trying to help my brother evidence inadequate care and support. Therefore, any mention I had made of trust or confidence in RC no longer applied from that moment and never will since he attempted to conceal and later attacked me for trying to help my brother. 

The only reason I can accept for RC’s willing part in covering up incidents and deceiving me is because of their employment interests, targets and that of their colleagues.

The separate reason
As I have mentioned in earlier posts, RC was working for Herefordshire Council as, and using the title of, a social worker in September 2017, months before this recording and taking the device to my brother, and before registration, a criminal offence under The Care Standards Act 2000.
Ref: Care Standards Act 2000

Additionally, when I raised concern about RC with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), which at the time was the body that social workers must register with before using the title of social worker, Herefordshire Council falsely stated to the HCPC that RC was not working as a social worker, contrary to their involvement with my family and his use of the title months before the phone call.
RC was not registered with The HCPC to practice as a social worker until 13th October 2017, as records can verify.

The HCPC later, in 2019, informed me via email, referring to RC as follows: ‘His employer has provided a positive reference and have not raised any concerns about his fitness to practise and confirmed that he was not practising as a social worker before his registration – but rather was employed in an alternative role within the local authority.’ 

Pages from Gmail HCPC - Case Ref_ FTP69&&&_Redacted


Ref: The HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics says:
9. Be honest and trustworthy
10. Keep records of your work

 Below are just two Mosaic log entry records clearly showing RC was using the title of SW before the registration date, contrary to Herefordshire Council’s statement to the HCPC.

RC Using SW Title1 - Copy_Redacted


RC Using SW Title2 - Copy_Redacted


Having listened to the audio recording clip and seen the log entries, you will now understand RC was employed and acting as a social worker for Herefordshire Council, contrary to their statement, while involved with my family, months before the phone call took place. 

If it takes me the rest of my life, I will, one day, try to find and recover the old CCTV drive and recording showing RC with a colleague in my home representing themself as a social worker and deceiving me about my brother’s ‘care’ and support. Then I will publish this too, as they went on to mislead and further deceive, resulting in losing my brother to The Priory Group.