6th June 2018

Below is a letter dated 6th June 2018, in response to my complaint regarding the accusation that I had a mental health issue by a social worker unqualified in mental health. And false information and sharing of my health and social care information without consent by a senior social worker who created erroneous records, and continued to do so.

SV letter 06-06-2018 4. AWB response letterredacted


Most concerning, although CJ claims for the first point ‘After considering the available evidence, this part of your complaint is not upheld’
and the second point ‘After considering the written and verbal evidence this aspect of your complaint is not upheld’,
CJ never once examined my evidence and ignoring my 9-page review of the specious DoLS forms completed by SM.

Below is my letter of 30th April 2018 to which CJ, the safeguarding Lead investigating refers.

Reply30-04-2018 to Stephen Vickers letter of 12-04-2018


the below is my 9-page review of the DoLS assessments conducted by SM which CJ ignored and in which I say I did not consent to my health information being shared.

DoLS assessment review for 02-2018Redacted


The day after the date of CJ’s letter, I had to complete a CoP 5 form and post it, proof of which can be seen below.
The meeting I had tried to arrange with Stephen Vickers (Director for adults and Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council) to address long-running & recurring neglect & ill-treatment, all a complete waste of my time & money.

COP proof of postingredacted