A Call with Kate Coughtrie

In 2016 I received a letter from Herefordshire Council threatening me with legal action & accusing me of breaching my mother and brother’s Human Rights because I would not agree to Priory Group and LA terms on how we maintained our private & family life.

Below is an extract of my phone call with Kate Coughtrie (solicitor for Herefordshire Council), and a transcript.


Transcript of phone call with Kate Coughtrie 19th December 2016 9.15 am

KC: Morning Mr Bury its kate Coughtrie
CB: Hiya there, um I just want to know if this letter is the council’s official response and Ms Cattermole’s allegation that I’m potentially breaking my mother and brother’s human rights?
KC: Well clearly that’s the response that Sam Cattermole has sent to you, so yes it is the council’s response. I can’t give you any legal advice on it obviously because I give legal advice within the council, um clearly if you’re not happy with it then this next stage is that you can proceed with and obviously seek your own legal advice.
CB: Ye’ that’s what I’m doing at the moment.
KC: Ok
CB: ye’, because this poor care of my brother and that has gone on too long
KC: Right
CB: And allegations now that I’m breaking his and his mother’s human rights, uh that’s incorrect, I’ve been trying to get him over here.


The below is an extract from a letter 5 years later, one of several vexatious & threatening letters I received from Herefordshire Council. This part of the letter which was received in October 2021 as a response to me writing to councillors sharing the recording as some evidence that I was not preventing my brother coming home to visit our mother and me, but The Priory Group were, as I had raised concerns over his care & support.

It is not the only occasion Herefordshire Council made false allegations in an attempt to control, defame and alienate me from my brother who I had grown up with and lived with since childhood.

Quote: ‘With regard to the telephone conversation between Kate Coughtrie and yourself referred to in your 7th July letter to councillors, the council has reviewed this and is satisfied that it discloses
no issues or concerns.’
The letter in question and others can be viewed here: Threatening-letters