Another Letter From the Head of Legal Services

Below is the latest unapologetic letter I received from Herefordshire Council’s Head of Legal Services.

Herefordshire Council Francis Fernandes 20-09-2022-redacted


Regarding Mr Fernandes’ statement, ‘I am new to the Council and have limited personal knowledge of past issues affecting you’, which conflicts somewhat with his previous letter to me.
Further, it’s also not my ‘perspective’ of the ‘actions of the council or individual officers’, but one of experience and their contempt of court which destroyed my family.  In doing so, Herefordshire Council as an organisation supporting neglectful and inadequate ‘care’ of my vulnerable adopted brother and deceitful social worker staff; one of whom I understand was promoted after assisting the provider to conceal.

His request to ‘draw a line under this matter.’ Herefordshire Council’s distressing campaign of harassment, intimidation, punishment and multiple propositions of legal action against me, since his colleagues willfully chose to conceal neglect and other recurring incidents and misled and deceive the Court of Protection. All while monitoring my personal life, social media and this site, before, during and after.

And as the current paid Head of Legal Services. I hold Mr Fernandes fully accountable for his, his colleagues and the local authorities’ actions and inactions.
While he desires to turn a blind eye, I do not draw a line under abuses and unlawfulness by the LA or his former and current colleagues but continue to keep record.