Another Section of The Care Act Ignored by Herefordshire Council

Another piece of legislation Herefordshire Council ignored, forcing me to take charge, hire a legal firm incurring personal costs, and requesting assistance from the Office of The Public Guardian due to the LA’s punitive restrictions and delays, was section 47 of the Care Act.

Care Act Section 47

Under Herefordshire Council and Priory Group ‘care’, my brother has lost many items & belongings, while others have been damaged or broken without apology, repair or replacement. Including items, I have loaned or given him. The Priory Group, in fact, ignored my request to provide insurance details for a damages claim.

It has also taken three years, and assistance from a legal firm, to have some computer items returned to me after Herefordshire Council took them while being returned to my brother, for his enjoyment and to be used to remain in contact, with my support.
Along with other items, such as a mouse, screen, speakers, and box of software this web camera was not returned by Herefordshire Council and no reason was given.

The complete disregard of personal belongings & property by Herefordshire Council is more common than I had thought.