Another Vexatious Letter from Herefordshire Council (11th Feb 2021)

Below is a redacted copy of the vexatious, punitive and partially deceptive letter I received from Herefordshire Council, dated 11th February 2021.

Hereford Council Threat and behaviour 20210211_Letter_Redacted


My response to the above letter, including the demand that I stop writing to councillors, which I have posted to local councillors, can be read below.
And while Herefordshire Council, Alistair Neill & Stephen Vickers claim I have been untruthful and not accurate, a common accusation by them, My reply should be sufficient to clarify truthfulness and accuracy is lacking on their part, and not mine.
The LA having returned to follow their usual pattern of wilful ignorance, intimidation & threats, deceit, fabrication and blocking of communications.

Letter to Councillors 05-03-2021_Redacted


The signed-for letters delivered to councillors.