Book and Update

In the coming months, I hope to redesign and update this website as my brother remains in a residential home our mother and I did not wish for him to go to, and we remain severely restricted by Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group.

I also expect to concentrate on, and complete writing a book chronicling my experience, including as an unpaid carer, whose family has been actively destroyed by these organisations with reported incidents ignored or covered up, and who continues to be victimised for exposing organisational or institutional abuse and the inadequate care and support provided to my adopted brother.

By sharing my experience, and detailing the long running issues in book form I hope that it may help others who are unfortunate enough to be in a similar situation, or who may be in the future.

In my opinion and from experience of Herefordshire Council social care, its commissioned services and some professionals from directors of organisations, social workers, advocacy service and paid carers, it is shameful that so many are prepared to lie or misinform to conceal neglect and other incidents of organisational or institutional abuse, merely to protect each other or claim ignorance of the incidents that happen.

Update 2020: I decided a book wasn’t the best way to share my experience and that social media and the website was a better platform for reaching people