Discovering More Neglect & Lies

This post displays that not all of us who cared for a vulnerable elderly parent and adopted sibling, have a supportive family.

As my mother’s funeral approached I contacted one of my estranged sisters who are claimed to be in regular contact and visiting our vulnerable brother, for her and my other estranged sisters to make arrangements for our brother to attend our mother’s funeral, due to Priory Group & LA ignoring my requests until mere minutes before the funeral to inform me of their refusal to allow my brother of attending with me.

Below is the email response I received from the estranged sister. Knowing this, I note care records for years have greater false content than already revealed. And Herefordshire Council social care staff were willing and to and did use deceptive claims about family members.

The above email, from the same estranged sister, who in social care records, made an allegation she would not visit our mother because of my behaviour.
My behaviour, I would not speak with my estranged sisters and sit in another room when they did rarely and briefly visit our mother, for mere minutes.
The same estranged sister who had LPA with me yet abandoned our mother and her obligation to her.
Even at the end of her life, my mother had none of her daughter’s comforting her during her last days or hours while she slowly died in hospital.
I will never forgive my estranged older siblings for their abandonment of our mother and vulnerable adopted brother, nor social care staff from directors down who have over recent years been complicit in fabricating their distressing and vexatious litany of lies and misinformation.