Dudley Council Visiting Our Website

Below is another log report, although not an unlawful attempt to gain access to our website,  it shows a human visitor from Dudley Council using a Google search term to visit our website.

Why was a person at Dudley Council interested in our social care story, outside of their authority involvement, and why did they search for and visit a specific page?

Coincidentally, Martin Samuels, the former Director for Adults and Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council, hadn’t long moved to Dudley Council when this report came to me.

The same Martin Samuels who ignored the reported and repeated incidents of neglect & ill-treatment of my brother. And the same Martin Samuels who instigated the block on communication with Herefordshire Council in November 2017.

The link that was visited I preserved on the oldsite link, here: Page visited by Dudley Council visitor

As an aside, Would nominated individuals such as directors in social care settings, have their own interests above that of vulnerable people and their families who report concerns or incidents of neglect or ill-treatment, or would they use wilful ignorance to avoid accountability or embarrassment?
From experience, I would firmly say, regarding some directors I have had to deal with to date, most definitely.