Easter with Family Refused

Once again my brother has been denied of a family home visit, on this occasion and for the third consecutive year a visit and stay at home to celebrate Easter.
Due to the breakdown between the provider and us, a considerable time ago regarding the inadequate care and support provided to my brother and the many lies they have told to date about the poor care and support they provide, which I continually have to address, I do not want Priory Group staff at our home.

I asked, some time ago, that Herefordshire Council staff assist with visits and recently asked for my brother to be dropped off at Elgar House in Hereford, where he would meet his social worker or representative and where I could pick him up from to come home for a few days.
Herefordshire Council refused to support us with this visit, sending me a questionable email for the refusal, which contains a fallacious comment.
I assume this was due to the documented threat by Mr Martin Samuels (director for adult and wellbeing) to affect adversely the service provided to us.

Below is a redacted copy of the email from AM (locality manager at Herefordshire Council) denying us of Easter together and refusing to provide support



Three points to note regarding AM’s email are:
1. AM’s claim that my brother should not be dropped off at unfamiliar places is irrelevant to our request, and I believe is an indication of the lack of support he and his family are provided with, and have been since 2015 by Herefordshire Council.

2. AM’s claim that I stated I could not have my brother home due to being unwell from my hunger strike is entirely untrue, reviewing the phone conversation I said it would be difficult cooking for my brother while I was on the second week of a hunger strike in protest at his inadequate care and support.

3. AM states it is unreasonable at short notice to arrange the visit home and for care agency to support. Contrary to AM’s claims, there was no issue with my brother coming home for Easter at short notice, until 2016 when The Priory Group denied him of celebrating Easter with his family after I became concerned of their provided care and support. Further, I spoke with a care agency, and an agency representative told me they could facilitate support at short notice.