Erroneous and False Fluid Restriction Records

Below are some of the record statements and phone recordings regarding my reporting of neglect & extended fluid restriction my brother endured.
All organisations, including The Priory Group, Herefordshire Council & the CQC, knew of the extended fluid restriction and heard recordings of carers but chose to create erroneous or false records.

I start with the short parts of phone call conversations I had with Priory Group carers.
I believe, having met them both, MH was later bullied out of his job by Priory Group and LA staff. However, the same didn’t happen to RO, who I later discovered lied about at least one other incident.
In both recordings, you will hear admittance the fluid restriction did not last two weeks as declared in some records, but far longer. Months, as I repeatedly stressed and reported, attempting to help my brother’s situation when I was able to see him.

Carer 1 MA


Carer 2 RO


Below are some of the conflicting records regarding the fluid restriction.
Evidently the only person who kept accurate and truthful records was me.

The below is part of one of the Local Government Ombudsman’s investigator’s poorly investigated and disputed records, which was available on the LGO website.



below are two of many CQC records, which you will note state Herefordshire Council knew of the neglectful, inaccurately recorded fluid restriction and were also informed by the Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) team of such. Additionally they were aware that I had reported the none therapeutic use of medication to control behaviour yet the LA claimed concerns were unfounded.



In the below CQC record you will note it confirms safeguarding was aware of the concerns, and yet they disregarded evidence claiming the concerns I raised were unsubstantiated. Incidentally, a senior practitioner involved in the safeguarding investigation later deleted a particular file from the LA system and created inaccurate and untruthful content in DoLS records, which were never questioned by the Director of Adults and Wellbeing (Stephen Vickers) nor any other professional.



CQC record is not entirely accurate.
Paragraph 2.
I accepted the response regarding the role and powers of the CQC, however, I was not satisfied as claimed.
No mention of the other resident about which I raised concerns, which Priory Group staff were later dishonest about, helping to conceal an incident.

Paragraph 4
Most concerning, claiming concerns were not substantiated. When all parties (The Priory Group, Herefordshire Council, CQC, Onside Advocacy & Worcestershire Council) knew of the evidence.

The above a little more detail of how Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group chose to conceal incidents and continue their campaign to destroy a family.