Herefordshire Council Surveillance Update

It’s apparent from checking a little deeper that Herefordshire Council has been monitoring my social media communications & website since at least 2nd March 2017, using search engines to access and view this website, newspaper comments and social media.

They knowing & seeing audio/video & photographic evidence of neglect & incidents I reported raise questions. Including why did LA staff choose to conceal for themselves & The Priory Group, again? And why did the LA later choose to lie to the Court of Protection?
Herefordshire council continuing to monitor me, my social media and web presence. Issuing vexatious threats of legal action while doing so, which they declined to progress when I accepted their proposal.

It also indicates to me that individuals from the top-down, such as the former CEO Alistair Neill, directors & legal staff, were fully aware when they chose to impose their unreasonable behaviour policy on me for raising and exposing concerns & incidents with them, contrary to their comments.

Below is a log of Herefordshire Council visits to this site.
Their search requests via search engines and their visits to my social media linking to this site from LA remote VPN IP addresses. Their main local network access blocked.

This spreadsheet also indicates the data protection officer attempted to deceive me regarding a request for data concerning the LA staff’s monitoring & surveillance. They neglecting to provide such information when I requested it from them.

Hereford Council IP remote access combined2