Hunger Strike Protest

On the 12th March 2018, I will eat my last meal and begin a hunger strike in protest at the long-term recurring and ongoing neglect and institutional abuse that my vulnerable brother has tolerated and endures, and the broken promise by Herefordshire Council to move my brother to satisfactory accommodation, providing better care and support. something I have been fighting for on his behalf for 854 days.

As an unpaid carer, the hunger strike protest is not a decision that I have taken without considerable thought, but one that may gain interest and help my brother have his neglected statutory and mandatory rights reviewed in a court of law; ensuring Herefordshire Council adhere to their responsibilities and legal obligations, and regaining my brother and mother’s private and family life.

My brother remains institutionalised in a residential home he does not wish to return to, when he is rarely allowed a family home visit. Further, he continues to be denied access to the mobile phone loaned to him for contact with his mother and me, with conflicting and flawed reason as to why it was taken off him and locked away in November 2017. My brother’s RPR, TC of, has not once challenged The Priory Group or Herefordshire Council regarding any restrictions.

Herefordshire Council staff, including those who attempted to find a way of having our website and blog removed, have not only disregarded concerns but made false claims, allegation, threat and defended the negligence of a former social worker EG and inept manager SC.

My protest is due to the facts my vulnerable brother:

Remains denied of speech and language therapy, since being in care.

Remains denied of a dietician and his mandatory right to support and treatment for his weight; weight has had an impacted on his mobility.

The refusal by local authority staff to recognise the neglect, including the recent incident that occurred, ignoring their duty under The Care Act and The Mental Capacity Act.

The unreasonable behaviour policy that has been imposed by Martin Samuels (Director for adults and wellbeing) which has severely hampered care and support needs of my brother, and our frail elderly mother, who I will continue to care for as long a s I can.

While Herefordshire Council suggest redress via The Local Government Ombudsman, The LGO can merely make recommendations to local authorities, for a limited period, and not enforce laws or decide punitive compensation, whereas I seek satisfactory care, support, accommodation and justice for my vulnerable disabled brother and the distress caused.