Ignorance and Neglect by Herefordshire Council Staff

I publish this in the interest of the public, particularly those that have a vulnerable relative provided with care by Herefordshire Council, and who may have identified concerns of inadequate care and support.

On the 1st March 2017, I sent an email to many individuals and organisations, including the councillor and leader of Herefordshire Council, informing them of our website which exposed the recurring and ongoing inadequate care and support provided to my vulnerable autistic brother by The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council.

Below is a redacted copy of the email sent and the consequential internal email chain of communication within Herefordshire Council, starting with the email from the head of corporate governance. 

You will note, the only concern expressed by any employee of Herefordshire Council within the email exchanges was that of a desire to have our website removed for exposing the inadequate care and support provided to a vulnerable person under their care; ignoring legal obligation and continuing the organisational or institutional abuse and deficient care and support. There is also a misjudged implication that our website’s blog contains vexatious content.

Regarding reference to vexatious content. Herefordshire Council’s employee (SC) made many false claims and allegations while investigating my complaint, and in their final response letter to me. A meeting was apparently held in my absence and without review of evidence that I possess; admitting in a later communication that they had lost track due to their inability to manage correspondence.

Doc 52 redacted (correct order of emails) full page view



I have no difficulty understanding how tragedies such as Grenfell tower happen, when such ignorance of vulnerable people exists within local authorities.