Inaccurately Documented Medication

After many months of requesting my brother’s care plan,  due to my suspicion that it contained inaccuracies that impacted on and could be damaging to his health and wellbeing, and promise broken by the provider, I received the poorly compiled home support plan (redacted copy below). The home support plan, received on 28th September 2016 via post, not only contained basic information inaccuracies but wrongly recorded medication dosages and drug names.

I raised concern over the home support plan (below) including the inaccuracies of the recorded drugs, which are:

Respiridone – should be recorded twice not three times
Cetrizine is inaccurately spelled, should be – Cetirizine
Propranol is inaccurately spelled, should be – Propranolol
Diazapan is inaccurately spelled, should be – Diazepam



The CQC inspection conducted on 13th October 2016 failed to identify any concerning inaccuracies, the report stating “People’s medicines were administered and managed in a way that kept them safe.” You will note such conflicts with the document above.

It is not the first or only incident of a medication issue for my brother. I possess a recording that states my brother’s medication was administered incorrectly for approximately three months and that Diazepam was used to control bevahiour; a criminal offence in my understanding.

I recall a further incident in 2016 regarding medication. Mr PG of H House refused to allow my brother’s appointed one to one carer to return to the family home to administer my brother’s medication, at two separate times of the day, while on a family home visit; evidence of this recorded on CCTV.

During this period I was informed in writing by Ms SC, a complex care lead manager at Herefordshire Council, that my brother was only allowed to visit his family home for 4 hours due to his G.P’s restricting family home visiting hours. I contacted my brother G.P. and subsequently discovered the G.P. did not limit my brother’s family home visits in any way; nor were they aware that Diazepam had been used to control behaviour; as was stated in the DoLS form (below).
I am mindful of the fact that Ms SC of Herefordshire Council apologised to my brother’s G.P. but not to my brother or family for making such a false claim and severely restricting our private and family life.



To date, I understand nobody has reported the misuse of Diazepam, and I have received no updated information relating to the wrongly recorded medication, or other inaccuracies in the document; allowing Inadequate care and support to continue.