Letter Regarding Extended Punitive Restrictions

Last week I received the below letter from Stephen Vicekrs (SV) of Herefordshire Council, the person who is also responsible for removing my unpaid carers support in March 2018 without assessment or notice, while also charging my elderly mother for agency care support which she did not receive.
Subsequently I was sent three threatening letters from Herefordshire Council demanding payment for support my mother never had, and no apology was given for the distress this caused my mother or me.



Mandy Appleby (MA) The named “Single Point of Contact” for my contact with Herefordshire Council is the same individual who wrote to me on 26th October 2017.
In the letter, MA, who was Head of Safeguarding and Principal Social Worker at the time, defended the negligence of a previous social worker and colleague EG and the inaccurate care records during 2016/17.
Such assisted with the continued neglect and institutional abuse of my brother, long into 2018.

My brother remained an unhealthy five stones overweight, with The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council social care ignoring his mandatory right to NHS support and treatment and he having almost no access to his family home or mother and me; just two of many concerns very poorly investigated and ignored by both Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group.

In the interest of the public, particularly those who may have a vulnerable relative under the care of Herefordshire Council, these are example of what you and your relatives may experience if you are unfortunate to discover and expose neglect or institutional abuse, particularly in a Priory Group home.