Letter to Stephen Vickers (Director of Adults & Wellbeing)

Below is a redacted copy of my recent letter, sent via recorded delivery, to Stephen Vickers – Director of Adults & Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council.
While I should have proof-read it before sending, I think it’s reasonable.

Since SV extended punitive restrictions regarding communications, in 2018, while I was an unpaid carer, he and particular colleagues have disregarded all emails and letters for property to be returned to me. The property they refused to allow my brother to keep, and which I have supported him with for many years until he was placed in Priory Group ‘care’. I can only assume such is one of the distressing tactics used to delay, hinder or prevent individuals like me from seeking redress of their complicity in concealing incidents.

Draft to Stephen Vickers PC Police Report_Redacted


Below is my postal receipt and signed for proof of posting, as many letters appear to be disregarded and emails deleted or lost by Herefordshire Council