Nine Years

Nine years ago, I dropped my adopted brother off at a local respite centre who were intermittently supporting with some occasional respite care while I supported our mother in the hospital, day & night for 15 weeks, as my blood siblings wouldn’t help with support.
Our mother returned home, and I became her unpaid carer; my brother disappeared into the care system.

Seven years have now passed since I have repeatedly attempted to have my brother, who I supported for 36 years, returned home or closer to the family, as our now-deceased mother wanted, and after I first raised concerns regarding neglect and ill-treatment at the unsuitable Priory Group ‘care’ home.

Four years have passed since Herefordshire Council threatened me and accused me of breaching my mother’s & brother’s Human Rights, for not agreeing with The Priory Group demands on how we maintained our private & family life. the Herefordshire Council solicitor I spoke to ignoring reported concerns.

Two years have now also passed since Herefordshire Council social care staff attempted and failed to fabricated criminal offence against me for exposing recurring neglect & ill-treatment of my brother, with their help in concealing it, and since they lied about my brother’s care & support to the Court of Protection.

Our mother, now deceased, and my brother unaware of her death because he has not been allowed to come home or attend the funeral.
The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council wrongly claiming not allowing my brother to attend our mother’s funeral were due to government guidance.
When in fact, since the government guidance was published some months ago, it stated the contrary and as the government recently reiterated.

Feeble excuses for denying us of contact distressingly continue, such as ‘bad weather’ and ‘concerns about how I support my brother’; regardless of a court order.

While I have been denied a fair trial regarding Herefordshire Council’s accusations, this is the reality of dealing with adult social care in Herefordshire.