One of Mum’s Wishes

When my now-deceased mother become ill, she would often call me to her bedside for reassurance that I was making sure my brother was adequately cared for, mum having noticed how poorly dressed and looked after my brother had become since placed in Priory Group ‘care’.
That is, when we did manage to get him home to visit us and we weren’t refused valuable family time together. His adoptive family he grew up with since 10 months old and lived with for almost four decades.


The brief clip is one of those occasions and one of a longer video in which mum was expressing her worry about how much time she had left. It’s still upsetting for me to watch, knowing I have failed my mother and vulnerable adopted brother regardless of battling corrupt and deceitful Priory Group and Herefordshire Council staff and their lies, which have also caused irreversible physical harm to my own health.

However, these few seconds of video provide some proof that our mother wanted me to ensure my brother was cared for and supported properly, With me as his guardian/representative, as I had always been and did until my removal, without reason by Herefordshire Council under Martin Samuels & Stephen Vickers directorship, after I exposed neglect & other recurring incidents that LA staff along with Onside Advocacy staff chose to help conceal, up to judicial level.