One Year to The Day

On this day last year, 25th March 2020, at 11.05 am, my mother passed away in the local hospital.
And although she had other sons and daughters, and exemptions were in effect for end of life patients, I was the only one by her side at the end.

The orange roses I placed on my parents grave today

Our mother, who fostered many tens of children over the decades, was denied so much precious time & contact with my adopted brother over recent years by Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group assisted by Onside Advocacy.
Organisations I can evidence deceived, lied and concealed neglect & ill-treatment of my brother and fabricated records, including for the Court of Protection, ultimately destroying our family.

As such, I will continue to expose and publish the truth of what occurred over the years and persist in my mother’s memory to have my brother returned to the community where he lived happily for almost four decades and before forced into care.