Priory Group Subject Access Request – Missing Data

Below is part of an email chain the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) provided to me between them and The Priory Group.
It was provided after The Priory Group made a false claim to the ICO regarding receiving my subject access request to them, which I proved to the ICO the Priory Group had received.

The email sent by the ICO on 13th October 2017 to The Priory Group was replied to on 20th November 2017 by, I believe, David Watts of The Priory Group.
As you can see, the response email claims all emails to and from a particular individual were deleted, and they went on to state the data was unretrievable.
fortunately, I have copies of the emails which clearly indicate the Priory Group were unlawfully restricting and denying visits home for my brother to see our mother and I, and limiting contact long before 2017, breaching an agreement made at a meeting in 2016 with a negligent advocate BS, provided by Onside Advocacy, and social worker EG provided by Herefordshire Council, who chose to ignore graphic evidence of neglect, among other concerns & incidents reported.



Of interest is the below letter, which is a copy of The Priory Group letter of compliance to Aberystwyth University regarding the protection of data, dated May 2018.
As you can read, The Priory Group claim since September 2017, data is protected from damage, destruction or loss, which conflict somewhat with the email from them to the ICO.



If the above letter is accurate and truthful, and the disappearance of information is no longer possible due to safety measures that have been in place since September 2017, any data I or you request of The Priory Group via subject access requests or freedom of information requests should, with reasonable assurance, be provided without it mysteriously disappearing or coming unrecoverable.