Three Years Ago Today, The Last Image

Below is my last memory and an image from the last video I made of my vulnerable adopted brother. Leaving the hospital three years ago today after a brief unplanned visit to our dying mother and me, the only one he was allowed to make. His mother never saw him again, despite my trying to arrange a visit; his social workers and my mother’s abandoned them both on this day.

I’ve blurred my brother’s face because of his deceitful social workers & Herefordshire Council’s repeated threats of legal action against me for breach of my brother’s human rights if I publish any photos of him, this since I exposed and evidenced neglect & ill-treatment by providing audio/video evidence to them and other organisations, such as the provided advocacy service who chose to help conceal.

I’ve not seen my brother since this day due to Herefordshire Council’s abandonment and punitive restrictions regarding communication, and the Priory Group’s continued lies and refusal to allow him to visit when requested.