Trying To Arrange A Birthday Visit Home

Below is the email chain regarding my request the Priory Group home manager, for my brother to be at his family home for his Birthday.

As of publishing this at 8.01 pm, I haven’t received a reply to my response to the manager.
I do wonder how many families have to endure such complication when trying to see a member of their family, who they grew up with and help support for 36 years.


emailKaminski17062020Family home visit_Redacted


In my email response, I have asked the Priory Group home manager to provide Skype contact logs and copies of emails sent to me, regarding the request to me from the manager and staff on behalf of my brother for contact.
I have asked for these pieces of data as I am confident this proves none exist nor have any attempts been made to support my brother with remaining in contact. Only receiving one email since March to unlawfully deny my brother of attending our mothers funeral; with mine ignored.
Priory Group, however, will delay and make specious & spurious excuse not to provide information and eventually say it was accidentally lost, as has happened previously.