While in Care Blog

I originally started this blog with the letter I received from The Priory group in response to concerns raised for my brother that have been ongoing and recurring for two years. The Priory Groups bias toward management staff and the response letter received has neglected the documents and photographs which provide evidence of the concerns. I suspect the letter below is a typical response from the Priory Group when neglect or abuse of a vulnerable person is reported.



  • Suffered a poorly monitored fluid restriction that lasted for over three months, drinking as little as 900ml of liquid a day.
  • Received incorrect medication on more than one occasion.
  • Had ill-fitting and torn clothes provided to wear, on several occasions over many months and continues to wear dirty and scratched spectacles.
  • Suffered a fall and was left for two days before receiving professional medical attention, with an overnight stay in Worcestershire hospital.
  • Was appointed an IMCA and advocate from the onside advocacy service who was neglectful in undertaking some aspects of his duty.

* Been denied family home visits, specifically including visits for Birthdays and significant religious and established celebratory occasions due to lack of adequate support and provision of transport. Important times for our family, that we have lost and will never get back.

  • Had personalised activities withdrawn without consulting his family.
  • Had request by his family and G.P. surgery for a dietician neglected, which I believe has contributed to his increase in weight by approximately five stones (31 kilos) since moving to the home. Claim that his knees have become weak caused by being overweight, requiring the occasional use of a wheelchair.
  • Has missing documentation, originally supplied by me to the home during his transition, including emergency contact details.