12th May 2024

Today, I posted the below letter to Paul Walker the CEO of Herefordshire Council, Having submitted a leave to appeal to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal regarding the case I raised and evidenced to them concerning Herefordshire Council’s repeated spying on this website and my social media, without any lawful authorisations, from 2017 to 2024.

Herefordshire Council Paul Walker 145 emails etc 12-05-2024_Redacted


Due to the ongoing battle between Herefordshire Council and myself, I have been forced to place my brother’s care and support issues on the proverbial back seat for the time being.

The council’s chosen hostile treatment, repeat harassment and threats of legal action against me, attempting to conceal their spying on this website and my social media accounts, without lawful authorisations, and ignoring evidenced incidents I reported, have come at the expense of their abandonment of obligations to support my vulnerable brother and me, in recent years.

Asking for councillor assistance has for the most part been a futile and disappointing experience, with my local councillor RL and lead councillor  JL choosing to disregard my requests for their help. However I will imparting information with councillors when I see fit too.