Herefordshire Council and The IPT

I will likely move this to a page at a later date due to how long it will become.

Some months ago I raised a case with the Investigatory Powers Tribunal after I was informed by the Information Commissioner’s office that I should do so for evidencing to them Herefordshire Council was repeatedly visiting this website and my social media, bypassing network restrictions to do so using VPN/Proxy connections, as well as their own network, while issuing punitive restrictions on communication and repeated threats of legal action between 2017 and 2024. Further stating they would continue to monitor my social media, and refusing to provide me with any copies of any authorisations for such while also claiming they did not need or have any lawful authority.

While I have provided irrefutable evidence of Herefordshire Council’s actions, the council continued to attack, harass and attempt to intimidate me, repeatedly refusing to provide records I requested and demanding I do not contact local councillors for assistance, as can be seen in the vexatious letters received from their solicitors Mr Sean O’Connor and Ms Claire Porter on the page: ‘Threatening Letters’

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