Letter to Onside Advocacy regarding private & family life

At the beginning of February 2020, I was informed of my brother’s social worker and advocate surveilling of family home visits.

Below is my letter to the CEO of onside advocacy and the advocate who I was informed made the accusation against me.

Onside advocacy intrusion of private life_Redacted


It is not the first time this particular advocacy service or social worker has deceived, mislead or attempted to alienate or defame; confiscating property to prevent communication with my brother.
I previously had to contact Herefordshire Council regarding intrusion into my brother, mother, and my private and family life. Reporting such to a solicitor, due to my brother’s social worker making spurious claims. The same social worker who incidentally attempted, with a manager, to fabricate criminal offences against me and failed, confiscating a computer being taken to my brother. To date, Herefordshire Council has ignored my letters and emails requesting to return the property to me.

2020 and Lies Continue

On 10th February 2020, my brother came home for a short time & I met the tenth, in three years, manager of his Priory Group ‘care’ home.
Within two minutes, the manager SK had lied to me and further contradicted them self regarding Skype contact, once I mentioned Skype log files are stored for all missed and received calls.

My sibling and family denied regular Skype contact by The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council since 4th December 2013, when my brother was, without preparation or notice, moved from a relatively close-by home against family wishes, out of county and to The Priory Group ‘care’ home.

We have had a total of 3 minutes and 3 seconds of Skype contact since 4th December 2013, with various spurious reasons given for lack of communication by Priory and local authority staff.
And most recently not permitted contact since our last brief call on 10th August 2018, which lasted 1 minute 1 second before the then manager AW arm suddenly appeared reaching across the screen and disconnected us.

Below is a screenshot of Skype calls, showing the last call made and received by either of us.

The above is another example of the reality of the care system and lack of respect for vulnerable individuals and their family members rights.