Letter to Onside Advocacy regarding private & family life

At the beginning of February 2020, I was informed of my brother’s social worker and advocate surveilling of family home visits.

Below is my letter to the CEO of onside advocacy and the advocate who I was informed made the accusation against me.

Onside advocacy intrusion of private life_Redacted


It is not the first time this particular advocacy service or social worker has deceived, mislead or attempted to alienate or defame; confiscating property to prevent communication with my brother.
I previously had to contact Herefordshire Council regarding intrusion into my brother, mother, and my private and family life. Reporting such to a solicitor, due to my brother’s social worker making spurious claims. The same social worker who incidentally attempted, with a manager, to fabricate criminal offences against me and failed, confiscating a computer being taken to my brother. To date, Herefordshire Council has ignored my letters and emails requesting to return the property to me.