A few Seconds

The below is a few seconds of extracted audio from a phone call some time ago with my brother, who Priory Group and Herefordshire council ‘professionals’ have declared numerous times does not verbally communicate and does not express choice but repeats words due to echolalia. He does repeat the word Wednesday, but this is not mere repetition.

This audio goes some way to evidencing my brother did have understanding and was able to communicate his choices and wishes with me, which since being placed in Priory Group ‘care’ has been ignored and lied about.


The audio quality, while poor (volume increased for this post) was frequently normal for what was provided for phone calls by The Priory Group and local council, they refusing to allow me to provide him with any electronic equipment that could record or support him remotely, even suitable equipment for use with Skype was denied, disregarding his needs and our right to a private and family life, and since I exposed neglect and incidents.

It has always been apparent to me that restrictions on when my brother could come home to visit our mother and I have not been due to his characteristics regarding autism, but for the convenience of the provider and Herefordshire Council social worker staff, who with the assistance of Onside Advocacy, helped conceal neglect and incidents.
Personnel who later conspired to fabricate criminal offences against me, which ultimately contributed to causing me a stroke and brain injury.

Until forced into Priory Group ‘care’, my brother was free to come and go as he and we pleased while with a previous provider, and I was representing him until removed without notice or reason.