Damage These Individuals Caused

I’ve not written lately, recovery from brain surgery has taken longer than I would have liked, possibly due to chronic illness. So just a short post regarding the damage some ‘professionals’ are willing to cause.

Since forcing my brother to stay in Priory Group’s hands, all I’ve received from Herefordshire Council is abuse, lies & threats causing distress and irreversible harm.
And while some involved and responsible for detrimental and harmful actions & inactions have left the council, others remain.

Social workers I hold accountable for their part in destroying a family and causing me a stroke and brain injury, and who remain with Herefordshire Council.
Richard Clarke SW118334
Amanda Moorcroft SW60168
Mandy Appleby SW38480
Aisher Aziz SW1131
Stephen Mensah SW30300 (Although they left the council after it was found they were moonlighting) I nevertheless hold them liable.