A Letter To Alistair Neill (CEO of Herefordshire Council)

As Mr Alistair Neill (CEO of Herefordshire Council) has made aggressive, vexatious and erroneous threats toward me, continuing punitive restriction for a 4th year in the form of their ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy’, I publish below my first letter to him, from August 2013, regarding concerns including of care & support they commissioned for my mother & brother; which he never responded to.

Over the years, further letters to Mr Neill have remained unresponded; I assume wishing to make himself wilfully ignorant of facts and inadequate services.

To Alistair Neill Herefordshire Council 08-2013_Redacted


Should Mr Neill read this post, I remind him as the nominated individual for Herefordshire Council, as I have his colleague Mr Stephen Vickers, the nominated individual for adult social care, of Justice Lord Munby’s words:

‘The local authority is a servant, not a master, a truth which on occasions is too easily overlooked.
Vulnerable adults and their carers, look to the State – to a local authority – for the support, the assistance and provision of the services to which the law, giving effect to the underlying principles of the welfare state, entitles them.
They do not seek to be “controlled” by the State or by the local authority. And it is not the State in the guise of a local authority to seek to exercise such control. The State, the local authority, is the servant of those in need of its support and assistance; it is not their master. And any attempt to control is likely to be nothing but counter-productive when it comes to a local authority ‘working together’, as it must, with family carers.’