Aggressive Threats And Legal Action From Herefordshire Council

Below is a letter I received from Alistair Neill (CEO of Herefordshire Council).

I am sure those reading this post, and who know me, will not be surprised at Mr Neill’s aggressive attitude toward me, having ignored my letters to him in the past regarding the inadequate care, neglect and ill-treatment of my brother.

Hereford-Council-Threatening-Letter 18.12.20_Redacted


There is much I could rebut regarding Mr Neill’s vexatious letter, particularly his claim of ‘inaccurate and untrue statements about professionals’ when factual evidence details the contrary.
Additionally, while Mr Neill has asked that I do not write to councillors regarding Mr Vickers disregard of evidence, ignorance, neglect and fabrication, I may send councillors a copy of Mr Neill’s letter, along with other information.

Mr Neill’s claim ‘and are represented currently’, is factually inaccurate and I invite him to substantiate and defend his claims that I have been inaccurate and untruthful.

On a separate note, the ICO recently wrote to Mr Neill regarding Herefordshire Council’s poor handling and loss of my data, which they are to respond to within 28 days.


Along with Mr Neill’s erroneous threatening letter received via post this morning, was the below ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy (external)’ document. I’ve not read through it, but I suspect it is the same as they issued in November 2017 after I provided audio/video evidence of neglect and ill-treatment of my brother to the LA.

Unreasonable Behaviour Policy (external)


Since first contacting Mr Neill in August 2013, not once has he responded nor requested to review evidence, the only toxic replies, threats.